Smart Homeowners Guide: Choosing and Installing a New Fireplace

wooden fireplaceZone heating is now a function of fireplaces in many homes in America. The ambiance is remarkable—having one that functions perfectly. However, there are many things to consider before you start choosing a set-up that suits your budget, style, and zone heating requirements.

Safety considerations

Cost and safety are two of the most important considerations when choosing a zone heating installation. If you have kids at home, you must think about the possibility of them getting hurt—getting burned, specifically. Do you need a safety screen installed in addition to a standard setup? If that will ensure safety for your children, what type of screen is not only appropriate but also attuned to the theme of that section of the house?

A focal point

This brings us to the question of aesthetics. Homes with fireplaces invite attention to what is easily the focal point of the room. The architectural style of the house and the elements of interior design are main factors in choosing a design, which translates to the choice of material and style. Are you partial to clean lines, or does the house demand a more intricate look to the focal point of the room? The decorative function of fireplaces cannot be denied. You have to admit that the wow factor is one of the primary motivations for getting one.

Gas for heat

American homeowners are leaning toward gas-fired installations because of affordability and convenience. A new fireplace in a Salt Lake City home is likely to be running on gas. While wooden types are undeniably charming, gas setups offer greater reliability and warmth. Moreover, the pollution produced is markedly less when the fuel is gas, in comparison with firewood. The modern setup allows for control of the thermostat, much like that of contemporary heating systems. Lastly, gas setup is space savers, and do not require that much room.

Do you need to install a chimney? Do you go for a wooden or gas fireplace for the living room? Is a safety screen necessary? Start learning the best answer to these questions today!