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Middle aged woman relaxing in a bath of bubbles

Walk-in Bathtub Features You Should Consider

Middle aged woman relaxing in a bath of bubbles

Walk-in bathtubs are not like your traditional bathtubs. They possess features that make them easy, safe, and convenient for older adults and even those with disabilities to use. For other people, they provide an easier way to take a bath. Before you buy one, you should check on the following things for the walk-in tub of your choice.

1. Convenience and Privacy

For people with mobility issues, walk-in bathtubs will enable them to take a bath without requiring assistance. As such, the bath should have storage compartments that hold everything within reach such that you do not have to stand to get anything. 

These features are for an ideal portable tub that makes a healthy alternative for people with mobility issues. It gives people privacy, as they no longer need assistance to take a bath. 

2. Safety

Another attribute that makes a good walk-in tub is its safety features. For instance, these tubs come with well-built handrails that offer support, well-textured pad to ensure that they cannot slide when seated and adjustable seats. Other safety features that you should consider are a preset thermostat, emergency drains, and anti-slip floors.

3. Design and Shape

Pay special attention to the door design, the size, and the shape of the tub. The shape and size of the door affect the ease of access, storage, and the general appearance of the bathtub. Look for door designs that provide enough room for a person to get in and out. Choose a tub with a door that you can easily open from the outside as well. 

The next time you want to renovate your bathroom, choose a bathtub that is convenient, easy to use, and suits your needs.

Choosing a Bathtub: Need vs Want

BathtubBathtubs are not products of modern days. In fact, from the early 19th to the early 20th centuries, people began to use a portable tub to take a bath. What they do is they use buckets to fill the tub with water, back in the days when indoor plumbing was not very common.

These days, bathtubs can be seen almost everywhere and are becoming a staple in bathroom design. From lavish hotels' bathrooms, resorts, inns, and houses, you can see bathtubs in a variety of shapes, designs, colors, and materials. There are even bathtubs designed for people with special needs like the elderly or those with mobility issues.

Below are some of the basic types of bathtubs and portable tubs, as described by Heavenly Walk In Tubs.

Clawfoot and Freestanding Bathtubs

These are considered to be the oldest and simplest type of bathtub. They are not connected to any walls or surfaces and usually require more bathroom space for buffering around. These types, especially the clawfoot tubs, have an antiquity feel so they work best with people who are more into vintage designs.  

Alcove Bathtubs

This type is the most common tub that most people have in their homes because it is easy to install and is easy on the pocket. It is also recommended for those with limited space in the bathroom because alcove tubs maximize the space.

Drop-In Bathtubs

Drop-in tubs are also freestanding but, they do not have claws like the clawfoot tubs. They resemble and give the feeling of a small swimming pool as they are installed within the floor. They also need bigger space in the bathroom so they are not recommended for smaller houses.

Corner Bathtubs

This type is the most expensive type of tub and can be used by more than one person at a time. Some say corner bathtubs are not practical because they use a lot of water but they are a symbol of luxury and relaxation.

Walk-In Tubs

Walk-in tubs are for people with special needs. These tubs are equipped with a door that opens and closes on the front, making it more accessible for users who have difficulty entering traditional tubs.

There may be different types of bathtubs but the most important factors that you should consider are your budget and the space that you have in your bathroom. Know what you need and make sure that you go for the type of tub that everyone in your family can fully use and enjoy.