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Pointers for Managers and Decision-Makers in Handling a Large Team

manager talking to his teamThere are many signs that a business is doing well. It may have a large sum of profit, and the assets greatly outweigh the liabilities. Your customer base has gotten bigger. You are developing new products to test in another market segment. And of course, you have a large staff to accommodate the growing demands of the business.

For many businesspeople who have not anticipated the growth of their enterprise, a large staff may mean trouble. But not if you look through the right lenses. It is obviously a good thing, as people have expressed to work with you. And you, as the owner, have to do something to keep your employees satisfied.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Make HR efficient

The human resources department should also respond to the large number of employees. They should have different programs that will retain the employees and keep them satisfied. When it comes to this, the HR department can rely on different applications to manage their functions. Among them are the human resource management system modules and the timekeeping system.

Have unit managers

You surely cannot oversee it all. So what you need to do is have unit managers that will serve as the leader of each aspect or unit of the business. The unit managers will then report to you, thus cutting off the requirement to meet and manage all of your employees.

Delegate effectively

Having a large staff may mean having a large pool of talents and strengths. As such, you need to make sure that your unit managers effectively delegate tasks to the right people. Doing this will minimize mistakes and errors, which can be costly at times.

Think of your large staff as a way to bolster your business. But you must keep in mind that their satisfaction and comfort are always of utmost importance.

4 Major Reasons Why Your Service Company is Failing

Service CompanyThe reputation of your service company is awful, and your revenue is plummeting year after year. You have established that you have an almost irresistible offering; your service is a necessity and not just nice-to-have.

Then why is your company still struggling? Are you making any or all of the mistakes below?

1. You haven’t identified your unique selling proposition (USP).

Yes, there’s a high demand for your service, but you cannot deny that today’s marketplace is crowded. Identify your USP. This will help you stand out from your competitors. What a lot of companies try to do is to be the best at everything, which is almost always impossible. Hospitality service experts and authors Dr. Sparks and Dr. Fredline said, “When managers understand that inferior performance in one dimension fuels superior performance in another, the design of excellent service is not far behind.”

Choose your battles wisely. Enhance the area that you want to be excellent at, and make sure that you are sending this message clearly through your marketing efforts.

2. You have poor customer service.

A company under any service industry should deliver outstanding customer service. Even if you are performing your basic service well, your business will be greatly affected if you have a mediocre customer service team. First, you need to make sure that you have the right people with the right attitude. Second, you need to equip them with all the necessary skills. Lastly, you have to ensure that you have a streamlined process and that everybody follows it. For example, customers should be able to follow up on a report easily, and they should get clear explanations when something goes wrong. Remember that customer service is very powerful, that it can make or break your company’s image.

3. Your field workers lack professionalism.

The skills of your technicians may be matchless, but you need to know that their attitude is equally important. They may be efficient on the field, but if they are rude and don’t communicate well with the customers, it may cause your downfall. What you can do is to provide training and workshops. Background checks are also a must.

4. You are resistant to change.

You haven’t evaluated and changed your business processes in years or decades. You may still be using the same systems and even vehicles. You haven’t even jumped into the big technology wave. As a result, you are trailing behind other companies that are more up to date with technological advancements. Don’t be afraid of changes, especially if the old ways stopped working. First and foremost, you need to make sure that the field service management software that you are using makes all the processes in your business a lot easier such as tracking and monitoring, communication, and customer service. As a result, productivity will increase and revenues will go up.

You cannot simply say that competition is tough the next time you sit in that meeting with the Board. There are clear signs why you are not achieving your targets. If you are committing any of the mistakes above, it’s time to be proactive.