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4 Problems Killing Your Business (And How to Solve Them)

Business PuzzleNo one goes into business to fail. The sad reality, however, is that the majority of businesses fail within its first few years. And it’s not just startups that collapse. Major companies do too. If in your business has been declining recently, it could be because of one or more of the following reasons:

1. You are using the wrong approach.

If your sales have been decreasing, it’s an indication that your marketing methods are no longer working. Evaluate your entire marketing campaign and see how you can tweak it. Try new ways to reach potential customers. Try working with an experienced Utah-based SEO company. Attend trade fairs and make presentations that stand out. Develop a referral scheme. In a lot of aspects of business management, experimenting on what works and doesn’t work is the only step forward.

2. You have problems with your capital.

When you start experiencing problems with raising enough capital for your business, you are well on your way to collapse. As you start a business, you need to determine how much capital you’ll need to keep the business running until you start making profits. If you’ve been in business for years and suddenly find you have inadequate capital, consider a business loan.

3. Your brand is no longer appealing.

With competition in business ever on the rise, you sometimes need to rebrand to ensure you stay attractive to your clients. There are many simple ways you can enhance your brand without necessarily losing your identity. For instance, you can slightly alter your colors and improve your logo. This creates a sense of freshness.

4. You are working with the wrong team.

When a member of your staff or a section of your employees are no longer productive, consider that it’s time to let them go and bring in a fresh team. You want to know your staff understands and shares your vision. A new team also can also inject new ideas in your staff.

It’s what you do when your business is on a downward spiral that will determine its fate. By taking a few simple steps, you can turn things around.

Leveraging Domains for Localization Marketing

Computer PPCMany companies are now using multilingual websites or at least those specific to a particular city or country that uses the same language. As a website owner, you’d want to create unique experiences for a visitor, doing so improves conversion rates and overall user experience.

Experts on PPC from Denver cite the following ways you can leverage domains, subdomains and subfolders for your localization strategy.

The Domain Level Strategy

One of the most common ways to reach a different audience using another language, regardless of the size of your business, is to use different domains. Americans may prefer sites with the .com URL, others would want to see .jp, .ca, .cn or others. This is the easiest way to reach other groups across continents; however, the domain may be unavailable.

Different domains also improve your authority and reach; you’ll get more links directed to your website from various sources. Diverse traffic helps your search results rank and makes it easier for algorithms to index and crawl your pages.

Subdomain Approach

Another approach is using a subdomain at the country and language level. Japanese users may want a URL of jp.site.com, and a Canadian may want ca.site.com, and so on. This strategy is similar to using subfolders; however, both strategies have one glaring limitation, which is poor intuitiveness.

Link Building

Link building isn’t dead, but has only evolved; with the help of domains and subdomains, you can improve your ranking results and reach a wider audience. Links to your primary domain and website boosts your authority, because of the different sources of traffic and link profiles.

With different domains and subdomains, you get to customize your approach based on your intended audience. You can have a site specifically for non-English speakers, those using mobile devices and for those looking for a particular product or service. This flexibility enables you to maximize your reach, use resources optimally and convert at a better rate.


6 Ways to Succeed in the Mental Health Practice

Person Receiving TherapyStarting a private practice is a dream for many healthcare professionals. In fact, more than half of healthcare givers in some specialties are in private practice. However, it is a bold step. Professional expertise alone cannot guarantee success. If you are ready to get your feet wet, here are five things that will set you up for success.

1. Think like an entrepreneur

For most healthcare professionals, the drive is not just a good paycheck. However, when you decide to go into private practice, you will have bills and salaries to pay and again, it will be your primary source of sustenance. Therefore, the moment you make a decision to start out, you must think of ways to be profitable. There is no avoiding it! You are now in business; unless of course, you are starting a nonprofit.

2. Write a business plan

Business plans are not overrated. Experts agree that most startups fail because of lack of clear long-term and short-term goals. A good business plan will help you build a good foundation for your practice. It will help you set a clear vision, mission, and values. And then, it will help you determine where you want to be in a given time frame. A strong business plan can also be thought of as a map, it will show you where you are, where you came from and where you’re heading.

3. Identify a niche

While it might be tempting to see everyone who comes knocking, it is not always a good idea. Servicing groups you do not enjoy working with can be nerve-wracking, to say the least. For example, if you are not comfortable around individuals with specific medical conditions, dealing with such clients may put you under unnecessary stress and pressure. Do not go beyond the scope of your skills. Instead, establish yourself as an expert in what you are best at.

4. Choose a good location

As Realtors say, “location, location, location!” You must establish your practice in a proper location if you want to be successful. The ideal location is relative because it depends on who you are targeting. However, your facility should be located in an easily accessible area and if possible where you can easily be noticed. As a rule, it pays to be near the people who will most likely be interested in your services. For example, if your specialty is families, a location in the suburbs is more viable than the 30th floor of a small building in the city.

5. Automate administrative processes

Administrative work can be time consuming and tiresome. Management software that will support your mental health practice can simplify processes such as invoicing, scheduling and reporting, payment processing, records management among other office and clinical processes. Such software can help you save time, minimize paperwork and eliminate redundancy.

6. Market your practice

You must communicate your presence and convince people that you can help them with their conditions and problems. The good thing is that you don’t really need a huge budget for this. It could be as simple as developing a good website, networking with other healthcare professionals, volunteering to speak at local schools and churches and doing some really good work. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool.

Going solo may not be the easiest decision but its rewards can be great. It can be a path to great accomplishment and personal fulfillment.

Should You Start a Liquor Business?

Liquor License in Florida Have you been wondering what type of business you should set up in Florida? Why not opt for a liquor store? This is a highly lucrative business that could bring in huge cash to your ledger.

Many health advocates will tell you not to drink liquor because of their perceived negative effects on health. On the other hand, some health specialists will tell you to drink one glass of wine a day. Despite these opposing statements, many people still choose to engage in the liquor business, opening up their own liquor stores.

A Lot of Patrons

It cannot be denied that many individuals in the United States are alcoholic drinkers. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), about 87.6 percent of individuals who are 18 years old and above stated that at one point in their lives, they have drunk an alcoholic beverage. As a matter of fact, about 56.9 percent of them drank in the month prior to the study. This goes to show how prevalent drinking is. Hence, it creates a huge market for entrepreneurs, especially those who are Florida liquor license holders already, according to The Liquor License Guy.

Long Shelf Life

Unlike ordinary drinks, liquor has a long shelf life. It is good for business, considering that you don’t have to worry much about expiry dates. According to Kitchn, one rule of thumb to follow when looking at the shelf life of liquor is that when it is unopened, its shelf life is technically indefinite. Compare that to the shelf life of bread, juice and other products, and you will appreciate it even more.

Good Income

Apparently, if the shelf life of the product you are selling is “indefinite” and the market is huge, you will enjoy a good income. Think about it, the primary purpose of having a business is to earn a profit, and these things could definitely benefit you.

Now that you know why many people prefer to run a liquor business, it won’t be a surprise if you decide to open one in Florida, too. But like any other business, remember that you must learn the ropes first before starting your own.

Protective Trust Rights That Every Beneficiary Should Enjoy

Protective Trust Rights in AucklandA trust becomes a family trust when the grantor and beneficiary are related, regardless of whether it’s revocable or irrevocable. In an irrevocable trust, the beneficiary has legal access to the assets although the fiduciary authority of the trustee may interfere with it. Conversely, the beneficiary has no legal right to the assets in a revocable trust since they belong to the grantor.

Accounting North Ltd and other experts noted, however, that both the revocable and irrevocable family trusts in Auckland and most state laws have reserved clear rights that a beneficiary should enjoy. Here are some of them:

Authority Over the Trustee

The primary role of most trustees is to protect the trust assets until time is ripe for the beneficiary to inherit them. If the trust assets are wasted through self-shoddy deals, negligent disappearance, or mismanagement, the beneficiary can go to court and seek damage compensation from the trustee. In case the beneficiary discovers the trustee is mischievous, they can file a petition to replace them. Before the court makes a replacement ruling, however, they will first study if the trustee was committed to fulfill the fiduciary responsibilities as the trust grantor wished.

Distributing Assets

The trustees have no right to stop the beneficiaries from receiving the assets entitled to them. Of course, a beneficiary receives the trust assets once the terms in the trust deed are honored. Trusts that give discretionary authority to the trustees deny the beneficiaries the right to their discretionary distributions. The beneficiary could overturn the situation particularly if the trustee seems to violate title deed terms or favor some beneficiaries.

Power to Terminate

The authority of a beneficiary to terminate a trust varies from one state law to another. Most states, however, give beneficiaries unanimous consent to terminate irrevocable trusts. In other some states, the beneficiary cannot terminate a trust without getting consent from a grantor or trustee (in case they are alive). Courts in other states insist that the beneficiary should be 18 years and above to terminate a trust. Trust termination creates the way for the beneficiaries to receive the trust assets according to the grantor’s original intentions.

If you are a legitimate beneficiary, it’s important to know the rights that entitle you to the trust assets. Beneficiaries who are ignorant to the rights contained in Auckland family trusts end up losing their trust assets in the hands of the shrewd trustees.

Operation Dance Studio: Running Your Business Like a Pro

Dance StudioNow that you have your dream dance studio, you have to make sure that you run it right. After all, the success of your studio goes beyond profit — you’re bringing new talent into the industry.

Incorporate these tactics for bigger success.

Never forget your current customers

Happy customers mean more business and referrals. Keep in touch through social media, your website, emails, surveys, newsletters, and special events.

Ensure that your beloved employees are on board with your philosophy

If you’re having problems with an employee, address them immediately. Remember, your business means your rules; just ensure that your rules are proper and not impossible to abide by.

Consider building niche programs

Consider programs specific for different ages and levels, as well as programs for those who can dance, sing, or act. Don’t forget dance teams, competitive teams, and those who dance for fun.

Consider extra income sources

These could include subletting your studio, rentals, events, or birthday parties.

Love numbers and organize them

Aim for a specific number to hit each month; the amount of students you require to pay off bills and the number of students you’ll need to profit. Figure out how you weigh each of your students’ worth in terms of their fees. Once you have a goal number in mind, note this in your computer. Better yet, get yourself the best dance studio software to help you with your notes and all your other administrative tasks. As The Studio Director notes, this can better streamline your business.

Create a system for referrals

For example, consider slashing $49 off a regular student’s fees if they can bring in a new student. Slash the same amount for the new customer if you can afford it.

Make a proper marketing plan

Figure out your goals — what you can afford to spend and how you’ll spend it. Monitor your results, so you know what needs improvement and what’s working for you. Keep in mind that marketing isn’t all about getting new customers, but also strengthening your relationships with your regulars.

As long as you have a solid plan, you can direct your new dance studio business towards success.

Starting a Business: Pickup and Delivery Service

Business Start upStarting your own small delivery business is a great idea if you want to be your own boss but don’t mind sticking to a strict schedule. It’s particularly effective if you live in a town where no such service exists, or if it does, it’s not big enough to handle a growing number of clients. Some towns or cities that are just beginning to grow are perfect locations for such a business.

You must have transportation

For now, a simple form of transportation that will enable you to make deliveries is all you need. Even a bicycle is capable of helping you set up a simple delivery business. You can deliver packed lunches, pizza, or other small items like notes, flowers, film reels, floor plans for construction, etc. For bigger items like boxes and similar packages, you may need at least a motorcycle with a box.

A car is better, of course. If you deliver on a specific schedule so you can carry items from different customers, you probably need a van. When your business is slowly expanding and your areas of delivery become farther and wider, you can think about using flatbed LTL, which is cheaper if you can’t fill a truck with packages for delivery.

You need permits

See your local authority regarding your business permits. Eventually, you’ll need other riders or drivers when your customers increase. You may need to provide insurance, depending on the kind of business model you use. You can ask your county clerk about the requirements.

Your time management and navigation capacity are important

You can’t do this business if you get up around noon and take time to work up the appetite to do your job. Delivery is time sensitive in most cases and you’ll never have satisfied and loyal customers if you’re always late or a no-show. You need dedication. Sometimes you may even need to go the extra mile for your customers. If you’re happy to do things for other people, this is a good career choice.

internet marketing

The Cutting Edge: The Power of the Internet at Your Business’ Hands

Online Marketing in Australia The business world is highly influenced by the advances in modern technology. This is nowhere demonstrated better than in the utilisation of the Internet in the corporate world. The internet has grown to become an essential part of people’s daily lives. Through this, people can send data across the globe with one click. It comes as no surprise that companies are using the World Wide Web to power up their operations.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to start your business, Bambrick Media shares the three ways you can harness the power of the Internet for your venture:


The Internet serves as a virtual space where people can store information. Websites, for example, serve as the banner of brands online. Businesses can display their content to the world, making it easier to gain a wider audience. Hiring web developers to put up your website can help your business reach your market from different places. You can even turn your website into a virtual store, so it will be easier to sell your products or services.

Online Data Storage and Communication

While some companies may still use large file cabinets to keep their records, you can bypass that and use the Internet. In information and communication technology, you can utilise the web to store your files, keep track of your records, and share these with authorised users. This is called database management. With the development of cloud computing, you can store larger amounts of data into this virtual space, as well as coordinate your data resources.

Online Marketing

Traditional marketing is going out into your local to put up advertisements, such as fliers, newspaper ads, TV commercials, and other forms of media. Now that the Internet is the biggest and widest-reaching form of media, marketing has also evolved. The Internet reaches millions of people around the globe, making it the largest medium to promote your business. Starting your business requires having to fight it out with the bigger competitors for the market share. Hiring SEO companies and social media management services to do your online marketing for you can make a big difference. SEO helps in generating traffic for your website. With Internet marketing, even a small start-up company can cast a huge shadow.

The Internet has done great things for people. It has also revolutionised the playing field for the business sector. Make the web your friend, so you can bask in the benefits it can give you.

Growing Business

Growing Your Business: Why Count People?

Growing BusinessMost of us have a vague idea that the more people go to a business, the better it is doing. We do not really know why. After all, going into a store does not mean you are going to buy anything. It is really all about probability; the more people that come in, the higher the likelihood that they will buy something. However, people counting software is not just about the numbers. Here are the different uses of people counting software.


Traffic is the term used for the number of people that go to a certain area. As a form of measurement, it tells you where people like to go in general. It could be because it is an attractive place, it is convenient to go to, or many people know about it. How many people go to a certain area is  a key factor in improving the marketing aspect of your business. You have to determine where exactly most people go, so you can narrow your focus to the best section to put up your business or the best marketing tools to use.


People counting also gives you an idea if a promotion is successful. For example, if you announce a sale for one weekend, you can compare the number of people that come to your store for that weekend to the previous weekends. If you get a big jump in the number of people for your sale weekend, then you know your promotion was a success. You will get an idea what campaign works and what doesn’t.


People counting software can also help you understand how people behave. Say you have a large supermarket, and you want to sell more of a certain kind of merchandise. The software can tell you how people tend to move inside the supermarket so you can identify where to put the stuff you want them to buy. Understanding the buyers’ behavior is what counting people software can give you. Countwise.com says people counting software usually comes with a powerful analytics tool to help you easily identify traffic spikes.

Measuring customer traffic has several benefits. You get much more accurate idea of the relative importance of sales and visitor aspects of your business. Grab this new opportunity to focus your efforts effectively. This can also help you optimize your advertising and promotional budget.

SEO in Canada

3 Reasons Your Business Needs SEO

SEO in CanadaSEO can deliver a return like no other form of online marketing can. Sadly, a significant number of small businesses have turned a blind eye on this marketing gem.

You’ve probably heard a hundred times that you need SEO, and received emails from SEO companies advertising their services.  There’s no better time for SEO than today, when the industry is fertile with competition and investment opportunities. Here’s why:

SEO keeps you on your toes.

If there’s one good word to describe SEO, it’s “current”. To optimize the campaign, your tactics should keep up with the constant Google updates, meaning you’re in a constant process of knowledge acquisition about the industry. This alone puts you in the loop, introducing your business to various marketing strategies and possibilities.

You get better reach.

If executed properly, SEO can deliver nonstop organic traffic to your website. Local SEO is an effective strategy to get your business across visitors, giving you a better chance at online purchases and even in-store visits.

It’s all the better if you’re optimized for mobile search, considering that smartphones are the most popular way to search online. Mobile search is the future. Better make sure your business is ready for it.

SEO is dynamic.

SEO doesn’t define itself – rather, it’s defined by the current algorithmic conditions it’s in. It continues to evolve and adapts accordingly without skipping a beat. In the past, it was synonymous to keyword search and link-building spam. Now, Netsoar.com says it’s all about authority, reliability and user experience.

Don’t get us wrong. The goal of SEO hasn’t changed and never will, which is getting you on the top rankings. It’s the techniques behind it that do.

SEO will be around for as long as the Internet will be. So as long as your business is running and your customers are browsing online, SEO will remain significant. When done correctly, it provides a tremendous ROI and serves as an excellent long-term marketing strategy.

Don’t deny your business of these opportunities. If there was a right time to get started on SEO, that time has come.