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Ibogaine: A Non-Addictive Treatment for Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

Ask anyone who has traveled the road of drug addiction and they will tell you that breaking from the clutches of addiction is not a walk in the park. Addiction fixes individuals in unhealthy habits, and the fears of overcoming substance abuse and living a recovery free life are real! For many users, changing their habits can be scary.

However, overcoming drug addiction using Ibogaine—a substance found in the root bark of the Iboga plant—can help users make a significant turnaround in their life.

Recovery from Drug Addiction

There are many drug addiction recovery programs; but, how effective are they in saving a user from the raw and vicious cycle of addiction? For example, to overcome heroin addiction, many recovery clinics use strong medication such as suboxone or methadone to relieve the symptoms. While these medications can help, they are as addictive as heroin itself.

Is Ibogaine Treatment Addictive as Well?

Ibogaine works in a similar manner to psychedelic substances, hence, it does not create compulsive drug-seeking behavior. Drugs usage affects dopamine and serotonin levels in opiate receptor sites in the brain. It is hard to gain adequate levels of dopamine and serotonin without using drugs, which is why drug addiction is a vicious cycle.

However, Ibogaine refreshes and resets the damaged opiate sites, hence overcoming the addiction. It resets the structure of the brain to the pre-addiction state. It also activates glial cells affected by drug dependency.

Unlike other addiction recovery medications which smother the effects of the substance on the brain receptors, Ibogaine treatment does away with the desire to keep abusing the drugs. It retains that normal state of the brain without needing more Ibogaine.

Many people seeking solutions to drug addiction are often swamped with solutions that may not work for everyone. However,  using Ibogaine would make for an excellent supplement to any addiction treatment plans.  It resets the brain without resorting to compulsive behavior.  For any individual who is serious about living an addiction-free life,  this plant presents a possible alternative for recovery.


The Effectiveness of Gospel Based Treatment Programs

Faith-Based Rehabilitation Faith-based drug rehabilitation facilities enlist the services of professionally trained clinicians. They are also devoted Christians. These experts focus on providing gospel-centered counseling. In such rehabs, individualized care is provided and efforts are channeled towards making one physically, spiritually and psychologically sound. Spirituality plays a pivotal role in the recovery processes of substance-dependent individuals.

At drug rehab facilities in Orem, Gospel solutions are centered towards enhancing interpersonal connectedness and helping addicts to have a new lease of life. Faith-based treatment seeks to aid an individual to identify with a higher power. This way, a substance abuser is able to have a renewed sense of purpose, direction, acceptance and well-being.

Benefits of Gospel-Oriented Solutions

In a Christian drug rehab center, one is provided with an individualized treatment plan. Based on the history of an individual’s alcohol and substance history, the medical professionals can develop a treatment solution that ensures a holistic recovery approach. The rehabilitation centers use the Gospel to renew the spirit of patients. Through early assessments, counselors work closely with patients to identify areas that require additional support. After several therapy sessions, patient’s coping skills starts to improve.

Additional Comprehensive Services

With the passage of time, patients may start to attend church services regularly. This way, one will be able to have a good rapport with friends within the facility. In addition, the recovering addicts may engage in Bible studies. Through reading the scriptures, one’s belief in the higher being grown stronger. Prayer is a strong part of an individual’s relationship with God. Through an adequate allocation of time to reflect, pray and study, a substance-dependent patient may start to recover from the effects of addiction.

There is need to support and encourage Gospel-based treatment solutions and faith-based rehabilitation centers to address the menace of substance and alcohol abuse. Over the years, Christian centers have been helping people to get clean and sober. With proper support systems, the risk of relapse among recovering patients is decreased.

Drug Rehabilitation: You Don’t Need to Suffer Alone

Drug Rehab Centers in FarmingtonSociety must recognize that drug addiction is a grave problem present in almost all communities and should involve both the abuser and his family if there is hope to cure it.

Drug rehabilitation is a long process and requires your full commitment, because drug rehab programs will encourage you to make life-changing decisions. Numerous drug rehab centers in Farmington, such as Renaissance Ranch Outpatient, offer outpatient services, giving flexible schedules especially for patients who are still attending school, have family responsibilities or have busy work schedules.

Committing to Your Recovery

Health caregivers in drug rehab centers will constantly invite you to therapy sessions where they will help you reflect on your present life choices and make you realize the root of your problems. In doing this, you discover the factors that have contributed to your problem, and addressing them is an important step on your road to complete recovery. During your rehabilitation, counselors will try to help you set personal goals.

Making Positive Life Changes

Drug rehab programs will inspire you to end harmful and destructive relationships. These relationships are links to people that may increase your risk to drug addiction, but aside from ending relationships, these programs will also strengthen your ties with positive forces or relationships in your life. Positive relationships give you support to continue your recovery.

Lifelong Recovery

Even after you finish your program, recovering from drug addiction is a lifelong pledge. Your health caregivers will guide you in constructing a plan to reach your goals and keep you on track with your recovery.

The community should know that drug addiction is a condition that involves both physical and psychological nature of the patient, affecting all aspects and relationships of the person. Thus, complete recovery is not only in the hands of the patient, it’s a partnership between the patients, their families, and a trusted health caregiver.