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Frost Protection: Keep Your Garden Safe from the Cold

Frosted hawthorn berries in the gardenSalt Lake City’s sees 3095 hours of sunshine with an average snowfall of 47 inches. It gets cold in this part of Utah, which means exposing your lawn and garden to harsh temperatures. Fortunately, you can protect your yard from root damage and other ill-effects of frost.

Here’s how to do it:

Hire a weed control service

You may not realize this, but the presence of weeds actually does more than just suck in the soil’s nutrients that are supposed to be for your plants. It also increases frost risk for the entire garden. This is why when it is not snowing, you need to minimize the impact of weeds in your garden. You can take care of lawn weed control with a Salt Lake City service.

Cover plants with frost cloths

Frost cloths are effective insulators, which means that they will help retain more heat. If you do not have frost cloths, you can use old bed sheets, newspapers and even straw as alternatives.

Use temporary cloches for your vegetable garden

If you’ve got an edible garden, use temporary cloches to protect your crops. You can use a plastic cover with a sturdy frame for raised beds or repurposed jugs for individual plants.

Warm plants with water

Fill your water jugs with lukewarm water and use this to water your plants. This will help your plants withstand the cold more than it gives them a bit of heat.

Avoid sowing seeds in frost pockets

Frost pockets are what you call the depressions in the ground that will most likely form frosts because cold air and water cannot escape. As much as possible, do not sow seeds or plant flowers in these low areas.

Some plants and structures in your garden can be sensitive to a sudden drop in temperature and change in the environment. This is why it is always a smart move to be ready.

At a Glance: Booth Ergonomics in Home and Garden

A man sitting on an ergonomic chairErgonomics refers to the positioning of products to suit persons. Conversely, booth ergonomics such as in www.thebesthomeshow.com in Utah when applied to home and garden shows refers to the arrangement of home furniture and appliances or plants to fit persons who would eventually make use of them either for use or display. Ergonomics may be divided into three categories-sensations, populations, and communications.


Delighting the senses should be present in any booth for trade shows. There should be enough light to make displays visually pleasing. Such light must be placed strategically, highlighting key areas. Also, displays may be arranged in such a way that each area, in the case of kitchen layout, should be based on how a person usually works in the kitchen. In the case of gardens, plants that love the heat or cold should be displayed depending on the location of the home of the target market.


While preferences in shapes, sizes, and textures depend on a person, there should be enough variations to hold the interest of each person. Then from there, further customization may be provided. Also, ergonomics customizes a person’s preferences generally to match his or her body. For example, persons who have a backache may prefer furniture which supports the back.


An example of how ergonomics affect communications is through the application of psychology. A table with persons facing each other may promote interactions more. Gardens with flowers as its main theme may well apply to persons seeking relaxation. Also, colors in the home may influence a person’s mood or thoughts. Some energetic colors usually inspire creativity in writers or artists.

In finding clients, preparation is the key. Your booth is the prime example of your services. Making sure that the booth is prepared with unique creativity while still targeting the vast majority may be your ultimate challenge yet.

5 Ways to Maintain the Green and Lush of Your Lawn

Garden Maintenance in UtahCurb appeal is what makes your home attractive. Keep the lush and green of your yard with regular lawn maintenance care. Here are some steps that can make your garden looking fresh and stunning at all times:

Set the Soil

If your lawn looks dry and barren, give it a light raking. This promotes water and nutrient penetration. It is a good way to bring back your soil in its healthy state. Greenside Landscaping noted that you might also turn to lawn fertilization services in Salt Lake City or anywhere in Utah to make sure that your plants will grow in full bloom.

Strip Out Weeds

Weeds make your garden prone to various types of diseases and pests. If you want to prevent this from happening, be sure you regularly pull out weeds in your lawn.

Give Them a Cut

Another key to an ideal lawn is getting the right mowing height. Experts recommend that whenever you mow, try to raise the mower to the highest notch. It is because cutting them too short will stress out the grass, which may kill your plants. To promote better root development, the cut should be only the top third of the grass.

Make Them Drink Some Water

Too much water might drown and kill your plants. The recommended frequency of watering your plant is only once a week, but be sure you do it deeply to prevent the growth and development of pests deep down.

Remove Dead Plants

Get rid of dead spots on your lawn. This can harm the growth and health of the plants and shrubs nearby. Some of these dead plants can still absorb nutrients, which will obstruct the cultivation of your garden.

Follow these lawn care tips to enjoy the long-lasting benefits of having a healthy garden. The procedure may sound too tedious, but with proper knowledge and a little bit of practice, this job will become a no-brainer for you.

Gardening in Perth

Back to Gardening Basics: Removing the Weeds

Gardening in PerthWeeds shouldn’t have a space in your Perth garden. They kill your prized flower, vegetable or herb garden. They ruin the beauty of your supposedly immaculate lawn. They steal the nutrients needed by your plants to stay alive and healthy. In fact, they choke the life out of the soil.

Fortunately, you don’t have to give up your lush outdoor space just because of these ever-growing plant and soil killers. With a few well-implemented strategies, you can say goodbye to them for good.

Dress up bare soil

Bare soil invites weeds to grow and prosper. When seeds carried by the wind find their way to plantless soil, it will not take long for them to establish roots and become a serious problem.

Dressing up bare areas of soil will help reduce weed growth potential. Besides, bald soil patches don’t look good, so dress them up before weed seeds start sprouting.


Mulching is one of the most effective garden weed control measures used by many professional gardeners and weed service experts. When applied properly, mulches considerably minimise the potential for weeds and seeds to grow. Use mulch for all the bare areas in your garden, including your walking rows.

Hand pulling

You might find it tedious, but practicing hand pulling of weeds on a daily basis can actually help control these biggest enemies of your garden. It may seem unhelpful, but spending 10 minutes of your time every day pulling them out already contributes to having a weed-free garden.

There are times when your weed-eliminating strategies may not work to your desires. When faced with serious weed issues or if you have limited knowledge about gardening, DIY solutions may not be enough.