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Ideas to Make Your Garden More Beautiful

Gardening in UtahYour garden can make your home more appealing. Impress the neighborhood by creating a lush garden. Here are some ideas on how to make your garden beautiful.

Fertilize your Lawn

You can make natural fertilizers or you can let the professionals handle the fertilization of your lawn. Getting the help of experts is good because if you don’t do the fertilization right, you will risk getting more weeds. An expert from Greenside Landscaping says lawn fertilization professionals in Utah know what’s the best chemical to use depending on the type of soil in your garden. You can also ask them for some pointers for the garden maintenance.

Plant Flowers

Make your garden more colorful by planting flowers that bloom all year round. The year-round perennials include coneflower, Bluestar, Siberian iris and perennial geranium, among others. You can make gardening a hobby, but if you have the budget to spare, it’s best to get a landscape artist or a gardener to make your garden lovelier.

Plant Herbs or Veggies

Plant herbs and vegetables if you can manage. Just imagine the savings you get from getting your produce fresh from the backyard, and that’s not even counting the freshness and nutrition you add to your dishes. Research about the type of soil in your area and the best veggies and herbs to plant for that particular type of soil.

These are just a few pointers you can use to make your lawn and gardens beautiful. A home with a lovely garden is always a lovely home. A colorful garden will make your place welcoming. It also gives you a venue for family bonding and activities. You can also install bench or dining tables and chairs so you can have your morning coffee and afternoon tea in your lush garden.


Thatch Controlling Your Garden: Dethatching and Aerating

gardenThe dead grass and debris that settle on the grass beds can grow dense and may suffocate the soil over time. Thatch control is important, but almost always left out in lawn care.

If you would argue that leaving thatch on the ground is helpful as it eventually decomposes and fertilises the soil, well you may have a point if you live in an area that experiences constantly low humidity levels.

The gradual decay will only attracts pests and turn into a hiding place for bacteria, however, if your property is in a place with relatively high humidity levels at all times. These bacteria and microorganisms usually cause early decay and dehydration of most plants.

Given all this, it is no wonder you may want expert advice on garden maintenance. But why exactly do you need to dethatch and aerate your lawns?


Dethatching helps the ground clear up from unwanted debris and dead foliage. Lawns need an average of one dethatching a year. Specialists like Perth Gardening advice on running dethatching machines regularly in gardens that tend to grow dense thatches, especially if there are trees around. Better yet, turn to professional gardeners to get the job done.


This is a method of punching holes in the soil usually done after dethatching. This allows the soil enough moisture, nutrient and air penetration. Thatches can impede the circulation of vital nutrients and compress the soil. Aerating is also helpful in breaking thatch down to make raking easier.

The best time for dethatching and aerating depends on the type of grass and the climate in the location. Some grasses are best combed in during autumn or when it is cooler. On the other hand, warm-season grasses are best dethatched in spring.

By clearing the lawns regularly, grasses and plants stand better chances against agricultural diseases. It is important for lawns and gardens in Perth to undergo thatch control.

palm tree removal in Perth

Becoming a Better Gardener

palm tree removal in PerthIn Perth, gardeners are compelled to withstand the lengthy summer and lack of sufficient water resources. There are actually plant species that grow well in the city during such seasons even when you water it only right after it has already well rooted. Overall care of your garden is that one important thing that you should pay attention to.

Pruning the Right Way

Trees bear fruits even without pruning; however, due to damaged branches, you can’t maximise their production. Also, when the trees grow too high, you will have a hard time harvesting the fruits. You need to prune these trees for healthier growth and higher quality of fruits.

Pruning trees eliminate entangled limbs, making them look neat and bear more fruits. Cut down the end boughs or terminals to five or six shoots; otherwise, they will always be fruitless. On the other hand, you must keep the laterals or side branches within a 30 and 60 degree position for a good amount of yields.

Proper Tree Maintenance

Plant grasstrees and zamias on one part sand with a mixed sand and clay portion on a sandy area. To avoid decaying roots from too much wetness, plant it over a levelled field in a lifted heap on clay soil.  Moreover, water these plants two times per week from October to May to make sure the root ball and budding roots will get wet.

Keep in mind that plants need 30 to 50 litres of water weekly when they’re already around one to two metres tall. Lessen this quantity by 50% when they’re on a clay ground, and check wetness level strictly.

Tree Removal Concern

Basically, you need help from experienced arborists to take out a huge tree. Palm tree removal Perth gardeners procure gets rid of the roots that bother pool areas, fences and pavements along with those scattered palm nuts.

After cutting down the branches, contractors throw them to a wood chipper. The machine would then saw the trunks into tiny parts. Lastly, they will pull down the stump and spread with chemicals.

Gardening may feel like a lot of work, but it can be fun.