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Understanding the Three Basic Features of Floating Stairs

a woman climbing the stairsThe interior design landscape and the construction industry, in general, has grown tremendously over the years. Currently, it is easy to feel lost in the world of staircases attributable to the many options available. If you are considering floating stairs, some of the design options you would have included mistral magic, wave, Londra, Europa art, and Sevilla Vetro among numerous other alternatives.

Choosing a design that warms your heart will be the easy part. The tricky business is finding floating stairs construction contractors who can provide impeccable services. Below are three basic features that must be incorporated into any design.

The Stringers

This involves the primary source of structural support meant for the stairs. Contractors will use small pieces of wood or metal stringers and attach them at different levels to a solid wall within your home. Depending on the floating stair design you choose, experts could use side stringers, double stringers or simply use one stringer and have it fixed in at the centre of the support wall.

The Treads

Treads refer to the steps of the stairs. You need to choose the ideal material for your design and the thickness that you want. Footsteps can be made of acrylic, metal, concrete or wood. Before deciding on the material to use, consider the length of the treads you want and the visual impact you desire to achieve.

The Railing

Railing can be made of metal, glass or wool. You need to choose the right material to use and also how you want the railing to be attached to your stairs. Numerous creative ideas could be explored, and your contractor could assist you in choosing an overall design that is perfect for your premise.

Floating staircases are elegant, and they are perfect for homes or businesses with limited space. Before hiring a contractor, you should request to see his or her portfolio. Acquaint yourself with the proficiency levels demonstrated when handling recent projects. If you are impressed, then perhaps you have found the right service provider.



Wood is Still a Fine Choice for Any Home Construction

Construction Materials Many architects find wood the material of choice when it comes to home construction. Using wood provides homeowners with many advantages. Learning more about wood will make you understand why it is the most desired material.

Since ancient times, wood has been used for the construction of many objects. It could be a table, a bed, a chair and other things you normally find inside the home. Today, this has not changed. Wood is still one of the finest choices. This also explains why it is an expensive material at present.


Triline Quality Door Systems notes that wood is a highly versatile material that you can use for home construction. It can be cut, sawed, and shaped according to the preference of customers. It can be used in the bedroom, the living room, dining room, and even in the attic. Seldom can you find homes that wouldn’t have any trace of wood inside. In fact, many customers who prefer folding and sliding door systems make use of wooden doors for the interior because it complements any design.

Resistance to Temperature Changes

In countries with four seasons where temperatures are quick to drop or increase, using wooden doors has become important. Wooden frames do not get affected by these temperature changes because wood has high R-values. In addition, since wood is an insulator and not a conductor of electricity, the doors are not easily affected by condensation.


Come to think of it, there are still other materials available for homes that are considered cheaper, such as glass and plastic. However, wood is the most environmentally-friendly among the materials available. In addition, they have the longest life, which means that they will last for a very long time. You don’t need to replace it every now and then, which ultimately means enjoying substantial savings.

It is now quite clear why wood remains to be one of the best materials used for home construction. Yes, it does come with a higher price as compared to other available materials. However, if you look at the advantages and the long-term benefits, you will see why this is still the finest one out there.

Does Your Living Room Colour Say Something About You?

Living Room in HataitaiMore often than not, a home design is a reflection of the owner’s personality. So, it is safe to say that your choice of furniture, décor, and even wall colour says something about you. To even delve in this matter, some colour experts weighed in and revealed meanings behind a few living room colour choices.

  1. Light Green

Psychology and colour experts say that light green is an emotionally positive colour. They even associate this colour with love and peace. They say that homeowners with a living room full of light green colours and shades are most likely good listeners and compassionate.

  1. Brown

Most commercial painters in Wellington say many clients prefer brown accent colours in their living room. It is actually not surprising as many of the NZ homeowners are industrious and responsible – the meaning behind the choice of rich brown colour in home design and decors.

  1. Black

A living room with a black-painted wall and full of black colours definitely look elegant. But more than that, people who love this colour are likely analytical and can quickly connect ideas to produce results. No wonder you see a lot black in living rooms of business people and the likes.

  1. Electric Blue

If you choose electric blue, it actually means you have a dynamic personality. After all, this colour is not your usual shade of blue. Colour experts say people with a living room full of electric blue accents are often quirky and full of energy.

  1. Pink

A pink living room doesn’t only mean the owner is girly or very feminine. Experts say if you’re drawn to the colour pink, you are likely an adventurous person – seeking out new experiences whenever you can.

After reading this article, for sure, you’ll look around your living room. Now, does your living room colour revealed something about you?