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Bed and pillows

Feel at Home: 3 Ways to Make Guest Rooms a Haven

Bed and pillowsThe number one rule in designing guest rooms is this: make it feel like home. Remember that your guests’ comfort is the priority.

Of course, it should have all the aesthetic details that make a visually appealing space, but ultimately, it’s that homey, cozy vibe familiar in most Californian homes that you want to create. Take inspiration from these tips as you plan or revamp your guest room:

1. For The Floor

The floors must have that warm, welcoming effect for the feet. The type where even with just the first step for your guests to the room, they can already feel they can live here. Your best bet here is wood flooring. Its natural material effortlessly gives that cozy feel to the room.

But if this doesn’t fit your budget, another good option is laminate flooring. Santa Ana design experts say that it has the same aesthetic benefits you get from wood flooring since it looks like real wood.

Plus, it comes in different tones and styles, so it’s a guarantee that you’ll find something that would suit your preference. And was it already mentioned that it’s cheaper? Well, it could get way less expensive if you’re going to install them yourself. And do note that installation is easy.

2. For The Bed

Even though your guests might not be the princess-and-the-pea type, your choice of bed determines their quality of sleep. So, please, please don’t reuse that saggy mattress you have.

There are lots of inexpensive, yet high-quality options out there. You may go for the latex type, as it has great bounce and cooling. Or, you can also choose memory foam, as it offers great support for each part of the body. Of course, don’t forget to have clean, sweet-smelling linens.

3. For The Storage

Obviously, your guests will need a place to keep their stuff, especially for clothes. So, provide at least a closet or a cabinet. And avoid filling them up with anything. It’s pretty tempting to put some clothes to be, you know, extra accommodating, but don’t.

When it comes to storage areas, the emptier the space, the better, as guests will have more space for their personal stuff.

Again, the rule here is to increase comfort for your guests. Keep that in mind. Happy decorating!

4 Signs Your Home Needs Immediate Repair

Home RenovationOne of the biggest investments you can have in your adult life is your home. Protecting it and keeping it in shape is important, so it can serve you and your family. That’s why you need to be aware of the signs of home repair.

A leaking pipe means you’ll need plumbing repair. A burnt socket needs an electrician. Or you can look for foundation companies in Denver if you have cracks in your interior walls. There are many parts of a house that may require professionals to repair them.

Here are the top four repair signs every responsible homeowner should know so that they can act on it right away:

Lost Shingles or Roof Leaks

Climbing your roof at least once a month to check on your shingles is a good way to detect roof damage. Roofs are expensive to repair and nipping the damage in the bud will help keep the repair costs low.

HVAC Systems Not Heating or Cooling Enough

You’ll need to call an HVAC professional as soon as this happens. A faulty HVAC system can be dangerous, especially if the problem has been neglected for some time. To prevent this from happening, clean the air vents regularly, replace filters, and do some maintenance.

A Musty Smell or Persistent Allergies

This is a sign that you have mold in your home. This can be very dangerous, especially if you have kids or anyone with asthma living with you. You can prevent mold from invading your home by keeping things dry and increasing ventilation.

Sloping Floors or Slanted Basement Walls

This is a red flag that you immediately need foundation repair. This type of damage to a home is dangerous because you’ll never know when and what part of your house will just fall and cause injuries.

Make sure you have an emergency fund for home repairs because the major ones may cost a lot. Keep in mind that the best way to keep these things from happening is by keeping your home well-maintained. You may not be able to pull off a DIY if you don’t know what you’re doing. Always deal with a professional when it comes to major repairs.

Plagued By Molds? Here Are 4 Tips To Get Rid Of These Nasty Spores

Mold on the wallDid you know that in New York City, there are roughly 500 cases of mold infestations reported each year? Mold can be toxic, and it remains a widespread problem. Harmful effects of mold on the body include eye itchiness, sneezing, allergies, and long-term lung damage. House owners are thus urged to clean their premises so mold can’t grow in it. Whether you’re in the US or Canada, mold removal services can help you get rid of mold in your house.

Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, And Exhaust Fans

Molds spores are said to thrive on moisture. There are lots of spaces in a house that could get overlooked and become wet or moist. One way to prevent this is to ventilate or let air circulate through the house. By doing so, you let the moisture out and dry out any damp areas. You can do this with dehumidifiers, AC systems, or exhaust fans.

Fix Leaks And Seepage

Check your indoor plumbing to see if water is seeping out of the pipes or leaking out of the faucet. If so, you need to get it fixed by a plumber so that the water won’t accumulate and make the area damp.

Clean Your Rugs And Carpets

Because rugs or carpets are made of textile, some of them can absorb water. This could lead molds to grow in them because mold spores usually grow with dirt and moisture. To avoid this, you should wash, clean and dry your rugs and carpets regularly.

Stopping moisture can also prevent molds from growing in your home. Depending on the season, you’ll need to adopt different methods in drying moist or damp areas. If you need more tips, don’t hesitate from asking a mold removal expert for help. Once you work together, getting your house mold-free should be easy.

A street of family houses

Creating the Outdoor Experience in Your House

A street of family housesSpace is a luxury for many homeowners. If you are one of the few people who own a spacious property, you can make full use of your extra space by thinking outside the box and being creative.

Your home does not end with the four walls of your house. You can enjoy many activities outside, but a fully functional patio or porch would make it more comfortable. If it provides you with shade and cover, it’s one of the best ways to enjoy the indoor and outdoor experience of a house.

Use Your Carport

If the current structure of your house does not have a porch, you should not fret. If you have a carport in Australia’s Sunshine Coast, you can turn it into a special space where you can entertain friends or spend leisurely afternoons.

The first thing you will need is a durable cover to protect you from the elements. You can ask professionals to install a multi-functional carport for you.

But that’s not all what a carport could add to your property. You can get more creative with your extra outdoor space and use it in many different ways:

1. You can create an all-weather parking space for your cars. With a carport, you can park your car under the shade.

2. You can turn that extra space on your property into an extra storage area with an overhead carport.

3. A carport can also provide the perfect cover for an outdoor lounge area. You could place outdoor chairs and tables on those sunny days and enjoy the day.

Whatever purpose you have in mind, a carport can come in handy. Contact your carport suppliers to find out about the types they have on offer. Once you have selected an appropriate carport, you can enjoy spending more time outdoors with your family.

Size Matters… When it Comes to Swimming Pools

a swimming pool inside a private homePutting a pool on your property gives many benefits to the family. Not only does it mean enjoyment and exercise, but it also means increasing your property’s market value and kerb appeal. However, you should consider the following factors when it comes to choosing the size of your pool.

Small Yard Space

If your yard area is limited, your choices might be restricted when it comes to pool size. You could ask the pool contractor to design one for you, or you could get a fibreglass pool from a Perth manufacturer that could customise one for you.

Even if your yard is extensive, you should plan its design so you could have some space for family picnics, play areas, and even a small garden. Plan a pool that fits only about a third of your yard area.

Budget Concerns

The bigger the pool, the more water, electricity, chemicals, and manpower you need. It’s best to keep the pool to a manageable size that will suit your activities, schedule, and budget. You should also consider your energy consumption in filtering, cleaning and heating the pool. Plan how much you could spend on a pool from maintenance to utility bills.


You might think it is cheaper to maintain and clean a smaller pool, but there are swimming pools that do not require as much maintenance. Fibreglass pools have a gel coat surface that inhibits algae growth. This lessens the need for cleaning it with chemicals.

In Perth, fibreglass pools can be custom-made to fit a client’s demands and needs. These pools are also very durable so you can minimise the incidence of repairs.

You don’t need to have a large pool to enjoy the benefits of having one. You could choose a fibreglass pool so you could customise it according to your property’s dimensions.  Check with expert installers who could advise you on the right kind of swimming pool for you.

Garage door

Garage Door Troubles You Must Keep an Eye On

Garage doorGarage doors are prone to the common wear and tear of regular use. That’s because they are at work consistently all the time, yet building owners or managers ignore them for the most part. That should not be the case.

Garage doors, whether installed at a residential or commercial property, have a very significant purpose. They offer security and protection not just for the vehicles parked in the garage but also for the entire property and the people in it.

As the owner, you must be quick to tell if there are minor problems that could cause major malfunctions in the future. You cannot ignore your garage if it is malfunctioning. If it is guarding a commercial establishment, the responsibility becomes greater because it is an even bigger property to protect.

Make sure that you are sensitive to your garage door’s state and needs as you continuously put it to work. Experts in commercial garage door repair in Salt Lake City offer the following notes about the common issues to keep an eye on:

Not closing or opening properly. If the door is not performing as efficiently as it should or as it has been while it was new, a professional inspection will spot where the problem is coming from.

Misaligned tracks. When your garage door gets off track, the brackets are usually loosened and needs tightening. If you did not resolve this immediately, it could lead to even costlier repairs concerning the springs or the cables and other elements.

When the door opens and closes, it creates loud noises. But, if the sounds are too loud, this is a sign that something is seriously wrong. Make sure to give it the attention it needs.

Garage door troubles must be resolved instantly. Otherwise, it could lead to even bigger problems and costlier repairs.

Smart Homeowners Guide: Choosing and Installing a New Fireplace

wooden fireplaceZone heating is now a function of fireplaces in many homes in America. The ambiance is remarkable—having one that functions perfectly. However, there are many things to consider before you start choosing a set-up that suits your budget, style, and zone heating requirements.

Safety considerations

Cost and safety are two of the most important considerations when choosing a zone heating installation. If you have kids at home, you must think about the possibility of them getting hurt—getting burned, specifically. Do you need a safety screen installed in addition to a standard setup? If that will ensure safety for your children, what type of screen is not only appropriate but also attuned to the theme of that section of the house?

A focal point

This brings us to the question of aesthetics. Homes with fireplaces invite attention to what is easily the focal point of the room. The architectural style of the house and the elements of interior design are main factors in choosing a design, which translates to the choice of material and style. Are you partial to clean lines, or does the house demand a more intricate look to the focal point of the room? The decorative function of fireplaces cannot be denied. You have to admit that the wow factor is one of the primary motivations for getting one.

Gas for heat

American homeowners are leaning toward gas-fired installations because of affordability and convenience. A new fireplace in a Salt Lake City home is likely to be running on gas. While wooden types are undeniably charming, gas setups offer greater reliability and warmth. Moreover, the pollution produced is markedly less when the fuel is gas, in comparison with firewood. The modern setup allows for control of the thermostat, much like that of contemporary heating systems. Lastly, gas setup is space savers, and do not require that much room.

Do you need to install a chimney? Do you go for a wooden or gas fireplace for the living room? Is a safety screen necessary? Start learning the best answer to these questions today!

4 Ideas to Beautify a Boring Backyard

a cozy backyardNot all homes are blessed with a backyard or a place to relax, play, and invite friends for cookouts. If you’re a proud homeowner, you better take the experience to the next level by turning it into a lovely space.

Don’t settle for a boring yard. Here are four simple yet brilliant ideas to beautify that extra space at home:

Create a Theme

One of the easiest ways to doll up a backyard is by following a theme. To determine one, ask the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of my yard?
  • How much is my budget?
  • What is my personality and how can I translate that to design?

Authentic Provence suggests that you determine what you want and how much you’re willing to spend for it. Choose simple DIY themes if you have a tight budget. If you’re feeling a little fancy, go for elegant concepts and add decors, such as garden statues or French garden antiques.

Add a Playhouse

If you have kids and extra space in your backyard, consider adding a playhouse. Other than encouraging children to get off their smartphones and go outside, a playhouse is a lovely spot to relax on a summer afternoon. Opt for wood and don’t forget to add dramatic lighting for that cool vibe at night.

Turn Scrap into Decoration

You don’t need to splurge to beautify a backyard. Scour your garage for scrap materials and get more creative. An old bike, for example, can turn into a beautiful planter by filling the front basket with flowering plants. Wine bottles, on the other hand, can serve as bird feeders or decorative vases. Go artsy without having to spend a huge amount.

Incorporate Colors

Color can do a lot to a small backyard. Integrate them into your yard to make it more attractive despite the lack of space. Choose two to three colors and paint them in your planters, chairs, and your benches. Be smart when choosing a palette so you won’t go overboard.

It’s okay to splurge on yard decoration, especially when it means investing in quality ornaments. But if you don’t have a big budget, you can get creative with some DIY projects. What’s important is that it looks good and suits your lifestyle and personality.

Installing Gutters in Your Home? Here’s a Must Read

a rain gutterInstalling new gutters in a home is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people do not like doing it. However, gutters are an addition to your home and are an investment. And as usual, as with anything you do for the first time, you need to familiarize yourself with some basic concepts.

Below are things to look for before buying new rain gutters in Utah.


The first decision you need to make is whether you will buy plastic or metal gutters. PVC gutters are the most common types of gutters, thanks to their versatility. PVC gutters are low maintenance, fit easily, and cheaper than metal gutters.

The Basic Styles

There are four basic styles of PVC gutters: deep flow, half-round, ogee, and square. If you have a standard-sized roof, a square or half-round gutter will be appropriate. Ogee or deep flow gutter suit a large house as they can handle a large volume of water.

The deeper flow is more of the half-round but is a bit deeper. The ogee gutter takes a molded shape and contains decorative features on the front.


PVC gutter systems come in three main colors: brown, black, and white. Choose a color that matches the style of your house. The good thing is that you can paint PVC a color of your choice after installation. Be careful not to paint during the rainy season as the rainwater can wash away the paint.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Your money is valuable and you ought to get the real value for your money. Ensure you buy gutters that have a guarantee from the manufacturer. This way you have somewhere to run to should the gutter seals start leaking or the gutter system fails.

Most importantly do not forget to take the measurements of your house correctly. Make a sketch of the house for a clearer vision of the gutter positions and the location of joints and determine how your new rain gutters will connect to your neighbors.

Why Your Chimney Needs a Professional

House roof and chimney being repairedChimney maintenance requires doing it properly because doing it the wrong way could ruin your home and your property. A lot of people think that they can clean their chimneys by themselves, but they are unaware of the fact that doing it the wrong way could cause property damage and even personal health issues.

There are a lot of things involved in the process of keeping the chimney clean. Leaving out one task could easily make your effort useless. You should keep track of what needs to be done to make it all worth it.

Careful and Thorough Inspection

Chimneys are used a lot for a good amount of time, especially during winter. When a scheduled cleaning is done, a careful and thorough inspection on the bricks. You should check if the mortar is starting to crumble. Chimney cleaning professionals in London do this to make sure the chimney’s structure is intact.

If you intend to clean your chimneys, you should use a respirator to prevent creosote and dust exposure. You need to remove creosote from the chimney because it is combustible and could cause damage to your fireplace and chimney.

It takes some skill to clean, so if you do it on your own, you could collect the ashes and creosote and sprinkle them on flower beds, since they are a source of calcium and other nutrients.

Hire Professionals

If you hire professionals, they could address these matters immediately and prevent serious problems in the future. That is a valuable advantage since you will not save money but also prevent minor problems from turning into more serious issues.

Letting a professional maintain your chimney work is one of the best ways to protect your property investments. Apart from giving you ease and comfort, you could rely on the professionals to maintain your home without compromising your safety, health, and investment.