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Help for Chronic Pain Following Injury

a man talking to two doctorsCar accidents are physically and emotionally shocking. They cause pain not just at the time of impact and the weeks after, extended over long periods. People chronic pain should see medical professionals who focus on this type of condition, such as Your Care Health Network.

Most people who sustain mild or moderate injuries from a car accident can expect to feel some discomfort for up to six weeks after their accident. But for a smaller minority, the pain may last for months. Severe injury leading to disability can cause permanent pain.

Here are some possible injuries following a car crash:

Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash is the most common injury associated with auto accidents and is a major cause of disability. Neck pain, repeated headaches and stiffness occur. If it lasts a long time, it may be accompanied by anxiety and depression as affected people struggle to get their pain-free lives back.

Back Injuries

Back pain is also frequent. Sometimes it is harmless, caused by strain or bruising, other times it can have a more serious cause, such as herniation of disc.

Connective Tissue Injuries

Torn ligaments and other connective tissue injuries can cause a significant amount of discomfort.

Head Injuries

Concussion, bruising, lacerations, or tissue damage inside the skull can occur via impact with a window or steering wheel, although the addition of passenger airbags have made some head injuries less common.

Seeking Help

Car accident treatment providers develop a patient care plan to treat post-crash symptoms. Options include physical therapy, massage, ice packs, steroid injections and medicines such as pain relievers or muscle relaxants. They can help patients manage post-surgical discomfort. In addition to promoting recovery, auto accident doctors can assist patients with their claims for personal injury by providing supporting medical documentation to attorneys.

Visiting a car accident doctor quickly after an accident will not only give the patient the best chance of a complication-free recovery, but it also increases the chance of a successful compensation claim.

What is an ACL Injury?: A Look at the Condition

Injured AthleteDerrick Rose, Jamal Crawford, and Jason Smith are just some of the numerous NBA players who are known to have suffered from ACL injuries. A dreaded injury among players that is often a career changer (or ender), ACL injury happens when the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, or ACL, tears.

Despite being a literal game-changer, some people still thrive even after an ACL scare. ACL surgery in Provo and other parts of the country can help patients manage the condition. Doctor Mitchell Larsen shares that understanding the injury is key to knowing how to prevent it from happening, or how to handle should you suffer from one.

What causes ACL injuries?

The ACL is like a cord that connects the thigh bone and the shin bone. It is the one responsible for keeping the knee stable and allows your shin bone through a normal range of motions. An ACL injury happens when this cord tears due to excessive pressure on the knee caused by sudden stopping, jumping, or changes in position. Thus, it is no surprise why people who are into sports like basketball, football, and tennis, among others, are the most prone to such injuries.

What are the symptoms of an ACL injury?

People who experienced torn ACL often hear a popping sound in their kneed followed by severe pain. Often than not, the pain causes the injured to stop the activities altogether. Swelling after a few hours is common, so is losing sensation on the affected area.

How is it treated?

Like other injuries, the treatment for the injury will depend on its severity. Rehabilitation programs and therapy are the most basic approach done to help cure the condition. It might take months or even years before a person recovers. But the chances of recovery are high because treatments are usually specifically tailored to one’s condition. However, there is a need for surgery for more severe cases. Instead of sewing the torn tendon back together, it is replaced by a substitute graft made of tendon taken from other parts of the body or other people.

Know anyone who is suffering from an ACL injury? Seek immediate help and see how it can help them back into the game.