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Exterior Painting: Preparing Your Walls for Painting

Home PaintingPainting your walls can be costly, if you don’t know how. Exterior wall coating can be quite complex since you have to consider the weather such as the sun’s heat, the moist during rainy season and the snow during cold season. You can still, however, opt for the less expensive way by painting your own walls and still have a beautiful home. Read on and discover how you can do it successfully on your own.

Clean the surface

Industry professional Apex Coating Services shares that the first step of preparing your wall is to look for any defects and flaws around the wall. Remember, a clean surface becomes well-painted surface. Therefore, it is important to clean them down thoroughly or fill any holes if needed.

Remove any visible nails

Visible nails on wall are usually due to the recurrent tightening and opening out of wall, which pushes the nail out. Since you cannot simply knock the nail back again, you should remove it in order to have a smooth exterior surface.

Apply joint compound

Outdoor exposure can tear down the exterior wall. You need to fix it before doing some repainting job. Apply the surface with rot or damage area with preservative pallets, allow it to dry out and spread over some joint compound to create a smooth appearance. Make sure it is dry before painting.


Depending on the type of the paint you will be using, apply primer accordingly before painting your exterior. For latex paint, use latex primer. For metal, use metal primers and so on. Applying primer can form clean and strong basics for your finishing paints.

Estimate the paint you’ll need

To help save some expenses, estimate how much galloons you will need to paint the entire exterior surface. Ask your local paint store on how to determine the amount of paint you need to buy.

If you want to achieve a great, neat exterior wall coating, you need to properly organise your equipment and tools for painting. It all depends on the wall surface and how you are painting it.

Paint A Room

Rental Solutions: Paint It To Widen It

Painting in San DiegoWhen looking for a house to rent, you may end up wanting a certain structure for its price, location and even its look. If you have issues with the sizes of the rooms, well you don’t need to worry. With the right painting strategies, you can make narrow spaces look wider and small rooms look bigger. Here’s what you should do.

Paint In One Color

Paint the door frame, the trim, the window sills, the ceilings and walls all the same color. This is a visual trick that makes the eye think that the space is limitless. You can choose to install tiles or flooring that is of the same color, too. Try to avoid prints or large murals as it limits your vision and creates “fences” in your mind’s eye.

Paint Darker Hues in Certain Places

You can still paint in one color, but for the ceiling you can use a darker version of the color you chose just so the viewers’ attention is brought up. Companies that list San Diego rental homes, such as RentHomes.com, note that this trick gives the impression of added space above, which adds width to an otherwise narrow room.

Paint Pastels and Light Colors

It is also best to stick to cool or light colors when aiming to elongate or widen a space. White also works wonderfully with this concept. Try greens and blues and even citrus tones. As long as they aren’t jarringly bright or solid, these pastel versions will relax those inside the room and will create an airy feel as well.

Arrange it with your landlord to have the rooms painted the way you want them. Or if necessary, do it yourself just to save money. Ask permission to do this even before you sign anything just so things are clearly laid out and you are allowed to make the changes. These may be an added effort for you, but if you can live in a home that looks and feels bigger than it really is, and is your first choice in the first place, then be ready and willing to invest a little time, money, and energy on improving it.

Painting Advice

Improving the Life of Your Walls: Painting Advice from Experts

Painting Advice Whether you’re building a commercial or residential property, it involves planning and execution of the project in different phases. People prepare the budget using the current market rates of the construction materials and labour.

Painting your walls is a vital stage in the house finishing, as it improves the value of the structure. When it comes to painting work in Australia, you want a professional touch without breaking your budget.

The Preparation

Whether you are painting the new house or repainting your old residence, the way you prepare your walls determines the quality of the outcome. After completing the construction work, you need to clear all the extra building materials to provide ample space. Remove soil particles and residual chemicals that are likely to affect the adhesion of the paint.

In some instances, repainting requires you to remove all the loose hanging old paint. Other than that, you also need to smoothen the surface to ensure the new paint adheres to the edges of the wall firmly. It may be time for some repairs if there are any cracks or holes on the wall. Do repairs first to allow you to paint on an even surface.


Get paint that suits your climate. The quality of the outcome reflects the expertise of the person that does the job for you. After the painting, the wall needs some time to dry. Experts from the Perth painting service provider Barker-Whittle Master Painters & Decorators recommend painting the exterior walls during the summer, as rainwater is likely to brush off the paint.

There are different kinds of paint, each requiring a particular cleaning procedure to enhance durability. For latex paints, you need to use non-abrasive cleaners, while oil based paints require a vinegar solution.

Your commercial or residential property looks better with a fresh and even coat of paint. After painting, improve the life of your walls through the appropriate cleaning procedures.