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Roofer repairing the roof

Can Adding a Second Layer of Roofing Do More Harm Than Good?

Roofer repairing the roofSome areas allow the installation of a second layer of roofing materials. This strategy can save you money because skipping the tear-off part dramatically reduces the cost of labor. However, experienced Maryland roofing contractors don’t always recommend it for great reasons.

Here are the worst consequences of choosing not to strip away the old materials:

Having No Way to Fix Damaged Roof Deck Completely

Installing another layer of roofing materials is a huge gamble because it keeps your contractor from inspecting and repairing the wood decking and flashing underneath. Any damage to your roof’s foundation can lead to droops, while broken flashings make your home easily vulnerable to water infiltration. If they cause leakage at some point, professional roofers might have to remove everything to install new sheets of plywood and strips of flashing.

Adding Too Much Weight to Your Home to Bear

The collective weight of two layers of roofing materials can spell disaster. It can exceed the amount of heat your home could support, increasing the chance of your roof to cave in. If your roof collapses because of material overload, your insurance company may compensate you for your losses.

Nullifying Your Replacement Material’s Warranty

Putting a new roof over your old one may shorten or void your warranty completely. Having multiple layers of materials can affect your roof’s ability to expel heat. In turn, your new asphalt shingles would age fast and cause them to curl or cup. Shingle bulging paves the way for water seepage.

Even if your local building code allows you to install a second layer of roofing materials to your home, strongly consider its disadvantages. You may save a little at first, but any major failure related to it may increase the need for replacement. An experienced roofer can conduct an inspection and determine whether this project is viable.

Most Common Causes of Roofing Failures

roofer builder worker with pulverizer spraying paint on metal sheet roofThe way your roof wears shows the reason for its failure. All types of roofing failure have specific causes, which lead to a shorter lifespan for your roof. Understanding the common causes of roofing failures helps you as a homeowner to prevent these potential problems.

Roof failure is not an instant occurrence and starts long before you think of looking for roof repair specialists in Provo. Leaks and caving roofs take time, and they are usually realized after total or partial failure of your roof. Here are some common causes of failing roofs.

Poor design

If your roof’s slope is not enough to shed off rainwater, it can lead to water ponds on your roof surface. The damage caused by these water ponds will reduce your roof’s structural integrity, and when the roof is no longer able to support the water’s weight, it will cave in. Undersized gutters will also cause water pooling on your roof and allow water to the house interior through your eaves. Ensure you get the correct sized gutters, slope and ventilation.

Roof traffic

Roof traffic from sunbathers, smokers or people installing holiday lights and equipment is attributed to most roof failures. Roof traffic loosens your shingles and eventually breaks them. This leaves the roof deck exposed to harmful weather elements.

Using the wrong waterproofing membrane

When it comes to waterproofing your roof, there are two types of membranes: saturated and laminated. Saturated membranes are typically recommended since they are less susceptible to punctures, scratches and peeling. The top layer of laminated membranes slowly deteriorates with time and exposes the scrim layer making your roof prone to leakage.

Shoddy workmanship and faulty low-grade roofing materials are also significant causes of failing roofs. Low-cost shingles and thin metal panels deteriorate quickly once exposed to extreme weather elements. Most of these causes of roof failure can be prevented by getting a qualified roof contractor and buying high-quality materials for your roofs.

Steel Roof

Reasons Why You Should Choose Metal Roofing

Steel RoofAlthough metal roofing is known for its energy efficiency and durability, most people shy away from installing it since they think it is expensive. What they do not know is that while the high price tag may seem like a loss in the short run, those that install it get to benefit more because of a higher return on investment in comparison to other roofing solutions. In addition to that, it provides numerous other benefits.

It increases your home’s value.

Besides giving your home a great visual appeal, Utah's metal roofers have more to offer when it comes to boosting your home's value. Metal roofing provides a healthier and more environmentally friendly roofing solution in comparison to other roofing materials such as asphalt. With the increased emphasis on sustainable construction, your home will still be viable for sale in the future for a great price.

They offer great energy saving solutions.

Metal roofing reflects away heat during summer. In addition to that, it has thin thermal masses that allow the heat to dissipate quickly. During winter, you can combine the energy saving capacity of your roof with good attic insulation to stabilize the temperatures of your home. You save money in heating up or cooling down your home.

They are durable and resilient.

Metal roofing, unlike other roofing materials, can withstand adverse weather conditions like blizzards, rain, and strong winds. This makes its maintenance costs to be low. Furthermore, metal roofing has a warranty that lasts for decades. This factor further emphasizes on their integrity and durability. You don't have to spend much to repair your roof.

Though this roofing is initially expensive, it is a worthy investment that can help you save money in the long run.