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Choosing the Best SEO Consultant For Your Business

a search engineSearch engine optimization or SEO is important for your website traffic. If you want to increase sales and brand awareness, encourage people to visit your website. The more visits your website gets, the higher the traffic.

SEO can help make that happen and you can even hire a consultant to do the job for you. Here are some suggestions on how to choose the best SEO consultant in Salt Lake City for your business website.

Ask for referrals

An SEO professional would not hesitate to give a list of former and existing clients for referrals. Ask these companies for any feedback regarding the service of the SEO consultant or agency. They may not give specifics, but they could at least tell you if their rankings improved as a result of the consultant’s effort.

Ask about the consultant’s SEO strategy

Ask the consultant to explain the strategy that will be used to improve your website traffic. The consultant must reveal how they can increase your site’s search ranking. You must also agree on the timetable for reaching the desired ranking.

Ensure that there are no black hat or even gray hat SEO tricks

Make sure the person you hire will not use black hat or gray hat tricks to improve your site’s traffic and ranking. Search engines, especially Google, do not hesitate to ban websites from search results if these are engaged in dirty tricks, such as content and link spamming.

Watch out for false promises

The primary objective of SEO is to make a website land on the No. 1 spot on the first page of search results. Yet, you should avoid consultants who promise you a top one ranking after a month of working with them. It’s either they will resort to underhanded tactics or it’s an empty boast.

Consider those with local SEO expertise

Having your business appear in the local search engines is likely to get you more sales and profits. Consultants with local SEO knowledge will be highly beneficial for your brick and mortar shop or office.

Learn about the fees and terms

SEO consultants are normally paid per project, but they can also receive their pay hourly or by retainer. Most of them charge per project, which can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $7,500, according to an article on Moz.

SEO is the driving force in terms of website ranking. To choose the best consultant suitable for your website, talk to their former or current clients. Ask them about their SEO strategies and tactics, and if they have a realistic view on improving your website’s ranking on search results. For local business owners, go with candidates who have local SEO expertise. And lastly, don’t forget to be clear on the payment terms for the SEO services.

3 Reasons Real Estate Companies Should Invest in Online Videos

Online VideosMuch has been said about the value of text-based content real estate marketing, but not a lot about videos. A video lets you to send your message across in ways paragraphs sometimes can’t. Watching you discuss what you bring to the table in clips, rather than letting your clients read them line after line, creates a more personal experience. Suddenly, your practice is no longer faceless property firm on the Internet because of the videos.

This is why experienced videographer companies are in high demand these days. From an SEO standpoint, platinumhd.tv noted that producing video clips opens a world of possibilities to rank your pages above the fold and make your website more visible to your target audience. Especially if you cater your services in hot market, this technique could move the needle and make your practice stand above the rest in the SERPs.

Here are some irreplaceable SEO benefits of online videos:

Videos Get Ranked (High & Many Times)

YouTube videos tend to dominate the top of the search results when properly optimized, from titles to transcriptions, all elements should have a strategic keyword. Apart from Google, which owns YouTube, uploading your clips to other video-searching websites help increase your web presence. While you don’t necessarily get traffic by leading visitors to hosting sites, it certainly expands your reach.

Videos Induce Clicks

Thumbnails are more powerful than text-only snippets when it comes to generating higher click-through-rate. According to aimClear, rich-video snippets gather 41% greater CTR than plain text in search results. If you’re goal is site traffic over web presence, embed your videos to your pages instead.

Videos Glue Visitors onto Your Page

If you have engaging text-only content but still incurs a high bounce rate, video clips are the cure. Maybe the one to blame is the dwindling attention span of Internet users, not the quality of writing. Videos can make your visitors stick longer because they’re less stressful to consume in front of a computer or mobile screen.

Videos are never meant to replace written pieces of content, but rather complement them. Refocusing your content creation strategy can make a world of difference in your real estate website’s digital marketing.

Use Both AdWords and SEO to Create a High Ranking Website

SEO Agency in SydneySo your company website receives a higher rank, then you must be able to use both AdWords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your advantage. AdWords ensure that your website is displayed on Google sponsored results. SEO is responsible for the overall content of your webpage. Well written SEO content will direct traffic to your website.

Direct Traffic to Your Company’s Website with AdWords Services

Any SEO firm in Sydney, such as Mash Media, will provide you with the essential services to ensure that your website receives a higher rank. If you are worried about your website’s popularity, you have to hire the services of a such an agency.

Some Features of AdWords and SEO

Some essential points regarding AdWords and SEO are as follows:

  • AdWords is important to increase the rating of your company’s website. All AdWords sponsored websites will appear on all Google sponsored pages. 
  • Google is one of the most commonly used search engines and hence, you can be assured that your company’s website will definitely have a higher rank when AdWords is used.
  • SEO will help you develop a website that has quality content. This subsequently will ensure that your company’s website receives a good amount of traffic.
  • Any website that features quality content will receive good feedback from customers. This is only possible with the help of proper SEO services and good feedback means a higher rank for your company’s website.

Thus, if you want your company’s website to receive a high rank, you should be able to equally distribute your website’s features between AdWords and SEO. Once you are able to do so your company’s website will achieve much higher ranks, with a huge amount of traffic being directed to your webpage.

Want to Make Your Business a Niche Company? Hire an SEO Firm

SEOFor anyone hoping to build a brand name and advertise his enterprise, it is essential to hire a firm providing SEO services. An SEO company help in ensuring your website receives maximum amount of traffic. This will subsequently increase the number of visitors to your website, which, in turn, can expand your customer base. A search marketing agency can help you meet all your online requirements and make your firm a frontrunner in the industry.

Strategies to Make Your Website a Success

DMB.com.au outlines some of the strategies employed by SEO firms to help develop a successful website:

  • Using the right keywords for the website: This is done to ensure that your website attracts the type of customers you wish to target.
  • Prevent your website from being penalised: Search marketers can develop a website that does not have hidden texts or links, keyword cloaking, or duplicate pages with similar content. In other words, the SEO firm ensures your website will not fall on the bad side of search engines.
  • Well-developed website: Search marketers know how to layout a website for easier navigation, so your visitors can find what they need.
  • Unique advertising: The great thing about working with an SEO agency is they can meet the advertising requirements of your compan. They help you evaluate feedback from customers and develop brand value to use for your strategies.
  • Coding: SEO firms know how to code websites that will be easily accessible in search engines. Most search marketers know how to implement the latest HTML sites for better online performance.

SEO agencies will be there to serve as your guide, from building a website, to launching and maintaining all activities within the site. With their services, you can build a strong brand presence and leave a good impression on search users.

SEO in Canada

3 Reasons Your Business Needs SEO

SEO in CanadaSEO can deliver a return like no other form of online marketing can. Sadly, a significant number of small businesses have turned a blind eye on this marketing gem.

You’ve probably heard a hundred times that you need SEO, and received emails from SEO companies advertising their services.  There’s no better time for SEO than today, when the industry is fertile with competition and investment opportunities. Here’s why:

SEO keeps you on your toes.

If there’s one good word to describe SEO, it’s “current”. To optimize the campaign, your tactics should keep up with the constant Google updates, meaning you’re in a constant process of knowledge acquisition about the industry. This alone puts you in the loop, introducing your business to various marketing strategies and possibilities.

You get better reach.

If executed properly, SEO can deliver nonstop organic traffic to your website. Local SEO is an effective strategy to get your business across visitors, giving you a better chance at online purchases and even in-store visits.

It’s all the better if you’re optimized for mobile search, considering that smartphones are the most popular way to search online. Mobile search is the future. Better make sure your business is ready for it.

SEO is dynamic.

SEO doesn’t define itself – rather, it’s defined by the current algorithmic conditions it’s in. It continues to evolve and adapts accordingly without skipping a beat. In the past, it was synonymous to keyword search and link-building spam. Now, Netsoar.com says it’s all about authority, reliability and user experience.

Don’t get us wrong. The goal of SEO hasn’t changed and never will, which is getting you on the top rankings. It’s the techniques behind it that do.

SEO will be around for as long as the Internet will be. So as long as your business is running and your customers are browsing online, SEO will remain significant. When done correctly, it provides a tremendous ROI and serves as an excellent long-term marketing strategy.

Don’t deny your business of these opportunities. If there was a right time to get started on SEO, that time has come.