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Tourist Travel Tips: Preparing to Ski in Another Country

Family Skii ResortSkiing is such a fun sport that many countries are now putting up their own ski resorts. Locals have definitely enjoyed them but even skiers from other countries are trying these foreign slopes out. If you are planning a ski holiday somewhere else in the world like Hokkaido, Brisbane or the Alps, here are some helpful tips to make the travel worthwhile and memorable.

Research on the Area

Besides looking for the right ski resort, do research on transportation options, local landmarks, culture, cuisine and currency. Learn as much as you can about the place before you decide to finally make the reservations online. If you can even manage to learn a little bit of the language do so, especially if their local lingo does not include English or any other language you know, advises Snowscene.

Purchasing Ski Essentials

Much as you would like to do some shopping somewhere else in the world, your own personal snow outfit and gear are better purchased within your country. First off, you don’t know if you can find a size that fits you in that part of the world. Other localities offer clothes with different size numbers or measurements. Go ahead and rent skiing equipment, but it’s still best that you already have a complete ski outfit with accessories before travelling abroad. For emergency purchases, search for online ski shops that do international deliveries.

Bring Local Currency

An important rule when travelling abroad is to always have cash on hand. Bring your international credit and debit cards with you but for sudden needs for vending machines, ticket purchases or transportation needs, you are most likely to use cash. Ask your travel agency or chosen hotel for directions to the nearest foreign exchange centres and international banks.

Now that you have everything in order, relax and enjoy yourself. Travel, skiing and a wonderful cup of hot local brew at the end of the day is the perfect way to spend the holiday. This is, after all, why you made the trip.

Amazing Skiing Experience: Choose Japan for Your Next Holiday

Skiing ExperienceWinter is the season a lot of people look forward to, especially those who love snow sports. Aside from bringing utmost enjoyment and fun, these activities also serve as health-boosters, keeping one fit and healthy as the body tirelessly works to keep itself warm and comfortable. This is the primary reason many people, both locals and tourists, love skiing in Japan.

So when you have never been to this beautiful country and you wish to spend your winter having fun out in the snow, choose Japan for your holidays. Here are SnowScene’s top reasons that would make you want to book that flight and accommodation as soon as possible.

Choose from over 600 different ski resorts.

From Fukui to Hokkaido to Kyushu among many other cities and provinces in the country, you will find yourself faced with more than 600 ski resort options. And while most of these ‘micro-resort’ establishments have a far smaller size compared to those you will find outside of the country, the top-notchers boast of almost everything you need: from accommodations to necessary facilities to needed ski gear and equipment.

Soak yourself up in a legit hot spring.

Know that Japan isn’t just all about beautiful snow-capped sceneries and astonishing technology; it also makes it to the list of having some of the best hot springs all around the world. For instance, you will find the Takaragawa Onsen in Gunma, Japan; known as the nation’s prettiest and charming. But you do not have to actually go to this prefecture to soak yourself in a healing-property-packed hot spring after a long day on the slopes; many ski resorts have their own.

Warm your tummy up with authentic ramen.

Ramen is one of the most popular Japanese dishes known not only to locals but foreigners, too. And authentic ramen, made by a legitimate Nihongo cook, is another reason for you to spend your vacation in this country. Best of all, it gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling after a day of enjoying your preferred winter sport.

There are plenty other reasons to visit Japan, but these three should already push you to book a holiday package in the country.

Going Skiing: Don’t Forget Your Ski Gear

Skiing in Vail, ColoradoIs it your first time to go on a skiing trip and have no idea what to expect? As a rookie in skiing, you should first learn the basics of this winter sport.

Skiing involves you, swooping or rushing down a mountain of snow using long and thin boards attached to your shoes or boots. To keep you safe, you need special gear. Here are the basics.

What should you wear?

Your ski gear is important to protect you from the cold or any possible injury. You will need three layers of clothes. The first layer consists primarily of a thermal shirt, pants, and skiing socks. These three items will maintain your body temperature, preventing it from decreasing. The clothes will keep you warm and dry. The second layer includes your jacket or sweater, your skiing pants, and ski boots. The last and final layer is for protection and consists of the ski helmet which safeguards your head in case of tumbles or slips, the ski goggles to shield your eyes from the glare of the sun and the snow, and your ski jacket and gloves that act as shields against the wind, ice, and the freezing temperature.

What equipment should you bring?

Apart from the clothes, your equipment such as your skis, ski bindings, and ski poles are essential, according to a skiing expert from American Ski Exchange. If you don’t have the funds to buy these all, don’t worry, you can still go and enjoy because there are ski rentals in Vail.

Take fun to the next level! Experience something new and exciting. And once you taste the freedom and the thrill offered only by skiing, you will always come back for more.