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Safety and Pool Care Basics

a swimming poolSwimming has a lot of benefits. It is enjoyable and relaxing. We can do it with our family or friends as bonding time. The benefits of swimming include stress release, fitness, and therapy.

Maintaining a swimming pool is crucial, especially if you frequently use it with your family or friends. However, how sure are you that your swimming pool is safe? Here’s a checklist that you need to keep in mind for your pool care.


The pump is the heart of your swimming pool. Thus, you have to make sure that it works all the time and circulate the water properly. Experts from Preferred Pool and Spa shares that for the proper time to run your pump and for pool repairs, you need to seek professional help in Salt Lake City. There are excellent pool professionals that you can consult around the city.


What filters do you have? Do you use sand, cartridge, or diatomaceous earth filters? Check your manuals first before touching anything in your filtration system. Filters help remove the dirt and debris in your pool. If you are not sure about the filters or how to clean your pool, seek professional help.

Test Strips

Test strips are also essential to ensure that your pool has proper water balance and effective sanitizers. You can use test strips to ensure appropriate calcium levels. You can also use them to ensure that no metal is mixed in the water. You should do this two to three times a week during summer and once during winter.


Chlorine helps sanitize and oxidize your pool. It deters algae and kills bacteria that can harm people.

These are the things that you need to keep in mind to properly take care of your pool. Remember that a clean pool would also mean a healthy and safe environment for you, your family, and your friends.

Renovating Your Pool? Here’s The Best Time To Do It

Pool renovations in Brisbane Having your own in-ground pool at home is great. Other than having the liberty to take a dip whenever you feel like it, you can also throw pool parties at home. But having your own pool also comes with great responsibility – in the form of renovation costs.

So when is the best time to renovate your pool?

The Age of Your Vinyl Liner

Call on the experts in pool renovations when the liner has finally reached past its lifespan. Take note that there are many elements affecting the lifespan of your vinyl pool liners, which include continuous exposure to the sun’s UV rays, sanitary issues, and chemical usage.

Most vinyl pool liners are made to last up to 15 years, but if you see visible damage, it is best to consult the professionals.

Appearance of Rust

Rust in your swimming pool? Sounds impossible, right? Not really. Often, the water used in filling up pools contain metal, which means it can rust.

The best prevention is to add a “metal out” additive in the water filter or brush and scrub away rust spots. But if your pool already has many rusty spots, it might be better to renovate than keep cleaning the pool more than necessary.

Time of the Year

Many pool owners often opt to do their pool renovations during the colder season, because obviously they cannot use the pool. Often, pool renovation services at this time are also relatively cheaper than renovation in the hotter months.

Aesthetic- and safety-wise, if you see visible deteriorations, leaks, and cracks, it’s time to call the pool renovation experts. If it’s not an urgent matter, do consider these factors if you’re unsure when to do the remodelling. The right decision will not only help save you money, but can also save you time.

Home Swimming Pool

Consider 3 Crucial Factors When Installing a Swimming Pool in Your Home

Home Swimming PoolMany people rush through the process of installing a swimming pool in their homes and it puts a damper on the entire exercise. The article highlights some of the crucial factors to consider when buying a swimming pool.

Relaxing by the pool on a hot afternoon is an ideal way to while away the time during the scorching summer heat. You get to hold a pool party with your friends and family during the weekend and unwind after a long week at work. Such is the life every pool owner hopes for when installing a pool. In fact, you only need to make valid considerations when buying the pool and you can enjoy it for a long time.

Stay Within the Budget

Swimming pools come in various shapes and size to fit every available budget. The weight of your pockets, therefore, dictates the type of pool you’re going to have. Hence, you should make a point of defining your budget before setting out to buy a swimming pool in Perth. Guardian Industries says that having a set budget allows you to narrow down your choices and makes it easy to make a buying decision.

Define your Needs Well

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you are better off with a bigger sized pool. Such pools are often rectangular and require a significant amount of space. On the other hand, if you are looking for a pool to complement your home, you should opt for the modern kidney shaped pool. Ask the pool company to show you their designs and features.

Bear Safety in Mind

You need to consider factors such as accessibility and safety when installing a swimming pool. You need to place it in an area with adequate space for a lounging area and a pool fence. A fence is of primal importance when you have small children or pets around the household. You also need to position the pool in a secluded part of your property, away from prying eyes.

Buying a swimming pool is an exciting process, you need to plan the process though with the utmost care. By getting the crucial factors right, you get the pool that suits your lifestyle just right.

3 Secret to Buying a Swimming Pool on Small Budget

Buying a Swimming Pool on Small Budget in PerthWhether you are a fitness enthusiast or looking to spruce up your property, there are many reasons to install a swimming pool in your home. From recreational purposes of improving the value of your investment, swimming pools hold a myriad of benefits for everyone.

However, with price tags ranging in the tens of thousands of dollars, many people feel that installing a swimming pool to be above their financial capabilities. With proper planning and consideration, you too can realise the dream of owning a home with a swimming pool.

Do make use of pool financing

As the financial institutions become more versatile to accommodate a dynamic market, pool-financing loans are available to deserving individuals. With an excellent credit rating, you have access to funds to build the pool of your dreams. Just make sure to shop around for the best rates in town and keep your costs low and affordable.

Don’t splurge too much

As tempting as it is to have a luxurious pool, complete with grottos and a spa, don’t buy more than your finances can handle. Stick to your budget and get a simple pool that you afford to pay off without straining your finances. In fact, fibreglass pools make a perfect choice for Perth residents looking to stick to a particular budget. They carry a low installation cost, need little maintenance and are impervious to salt water.

One step at a time

In case, you need a luxury pool, but cannot afford one at that particular time; you can lay the foundation and install the luxury features later on. Such an approach allows you to enjoy watching your pool take shape and build up on it after your finances stabilise. In the end you will have the pool you always dreamed of.

Swimming pools play a myriad of roles in the home environment, and as such, you need to take great care when acquiring one. It is only by avoiding costly mistakes that you get the most from your new purchase.

Here are 3 Considerations before Installing a Swimming Pool

Installing a Swimming PoolHaving an inground swimming pool installed in your backyard is undeniably a boon to increase the beauty as well as the value of your home. However, before seriously considering hiring pool builders, there are a few things that you should consider first.

1. Size, Shape, and Type of Pool

This is especially applicable to those who wish to have a pool but with little backyard. It is smart if you choose a smaller swimming pool. You can ask your pool builder with regard to the ideal size and shape that may perfectly match your backyard. A swimming pool should not only be functional, it should be ornamental to your house as well.

2. Duration of Your Stay in the House

Remember that installing a pool requires a huge amount of money. As such, it is prudent to consider how long you plan to stay in your house. If you are about to migrate to another place, then it may not be a good idea to have a pool built in your backyard at the moment. However, if you really have no plans in transferring to another home, then give it a shot.

3. Choose a Contractor

Before saying deal to anyone, research first. One of the best tricks to make sure that you are hiring the right company is to ask for their references. If they are willing to provide the contact details of some of their previous customers, then it may be a good sign that they are confident with their job, BellevistaPools.com.au says. On top of that, it may also help if you check out reviews online about your prospective pool builders. Be cautious, though, about false reviews coming from their phony clients.

Bottom line: do not be in a hurry when you plan to install an inground swimming pool. It is best to take your time, do your research and only trust reliable pool builders.

Pool Maintenance

Three Pool Equipment Maintenance Guide

Pool Maintenance Keeping a pool well maintained is more than keeping it clean and replacing the water regularly or when necessary. It’s also about making sure your pool equipment is all functioning well. From the pool filter to the pool heater, it takes a routine maintenance to keep them all working at their best.

You can ask your local maintenance provider for help or you can consider the following ideas:

For Your Pool Pump

The pump usually requires little maintenance. They are self-priming, which means they don’t need to be filled with water before turning them on. However, you still need to ensure that the strainer basket is clean. Remove the top of the pump housing and pull it out to have it cleaned properly. If there’s leak, call for professional help.

For Your Pool Filter

All types of pool filter need periodic cleaning to keep the water clean and clear. Frequency can range from once a month to about three times in a year. Whenever you notice deterioration in your water quality, check the filter, pressure gauge and the flow meter.

According to the experts from Preferred Pool and Spa, if the difference in flow between the pool’s gauges reaches to about 15 pounds per square inch, it’s time for you to get professional help for cleaning your filter. You can consult with the manufacturer’s instructions for more details or get help from a certified cleaner.

For Your Pool Heater

Like the pool pump, the pool heater is also very low-maintenance. For example, gas heaters can go two to three years before they need professional cleaning. Electric heaters can go on even longer. But with either type, it’s important to check the manufacturer’s recommendations and be keen with the pool water. 

If the heater doesn’t warm up the water or if it’s restricting the flow, there could be a problem. The key is to pay attention to the water’s cleanliness, clarity and temperature. If you notice something is odd or not right, consult your manufacturer first and then consider seeking professional servicing when necessary.