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An Overview of the Latest Stone Cutting and Sculpting Technologies


Thousands of years ago, sculptors and stonemasons used hand tools such as chisels to carve, shape, cut, and sculpt stone. Now, modern technology brings about more advanced tools that can easily cut and sculpt stone into finished pieces. You can gain access to these new technologies for your stone cutting and sculpting needs.

New Cutting Technologies

CNC cutting equipment are currently used in the stone cutting and composite industries. Recent developments, however, provide workers with new tools to cut and shape stone. This includes abrasive waterjet  and 5-axis milling technologies.

Waterjet Cutting

Abrasive waterjet technology is the latest development in cutting technology. The machines still need further developments such as the addition of a CNC control system, but the system already shows great potential. You can cut stone and granite with abrasive waterjets, although the technology is geared primarily towards metal cutting.

Still in Development

Abrasive waterjet uses a cold-cutting process to cut thick materials cleanly and quickly. The cutting process leaves no heat-affected zones on the material. Recent improvements to the technology include faster cutting speeds as well as software for better precision.

5-Axis Milling

Besides waterjet technology, you can also acquire a CNC 5-axis milling machine. This machine can run a cutting tool along five different axes. It enables craftsmen to produce highly complex stone articles with less effort.

Perks of a 5-Axis

A 5-axis machine also brings several advantages. With a 5-axis machine, you can push for a single-setup machining to lower lead times and improve efficiency. You can also prevent the cutting tool or the table from colliding with the tool holder by tilting either part. Tool life and cycle also improved due to this mechanism.

These two technologies can greatly help with stone cutting and sculpting needs. When thinking of purchasing such systems, you can look at the cost, reliability, efficiency, and other areas to ensure these technologies are perfect for you.




4 Reasons for Terrible Network Performance

Network PerformanceBusinesses that rely on data cannot have their network underperform. Whenever a network slows down, so does productivity. Tasks get delayed and everything just becomes terrible for the company. As such, it is important to ensure that the network has no bottlenecks and performs optimally.

To do that, you have to know the cause(s) of poor network performance. In most cases, the reason is because of one (or more) of the following:

Outdated Hardware

Sometimes, we become too preoccupied at what we do that we forget how we are able to do it. In effect, the network infrastructure gets ignored and becomes obsolete. The good news is that a quick upgrade to GLC-T 1000base-T transceivers and other similar cutting-edge equipment could solve the problem right away. Be sure to assess the condition of your hardware and upgrade as necessary.

Security Breaches

Are you sure the network isn’t compromised? Maybe the reason for your network’s slow performance is a series of attacks from malware or hackers. Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are a real threat to any business, so beef up the security measures of your own network.

Configuration Mismatch

Networks need proper configuration to function properly, but this is also commonly ignored. Bad configuration can easily render some functions of the network unavailable. More importantly, it also keeps the system vulnerable to attacks. As such, it’s crucial to check the configuration of the system and ensure everything is in proper working order.

Design Blunders

Lastly, the problem may be stemming from bad network infrastructure design. The network should address all the needs of the business. Given this, it is imperative to conduct an assessment on how the network design should flow. It has to be efficient and have little to no bottlenecks.

Your network is one of the many things that fuel your business. Get it done right and ensure it contributes to the success of your enterprise.