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Top Ways to Manage Rheumatoid Arthritis

Old woman's handsRheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a chronic condition that affects people in different ways. It can be debilitating and can render you dysfunctional for days. RA is an autoimmune condition where the immune system responsible for protecting the body from foreign substances mistakenly attacks the body’s healthy joints, resulting in inflammation and pain.

While there is currently no cure for RA, there are ways to manage the condition. A combination of proper medication and lifestyle changes can provide significant changes.

Managing rheumatoid arthritis

  1. Professional help

Rheumatoid Arthritis care

 and management centers in Las Vegas can help patients feel relieved of everyday symptoms with the help of therapy, medication, and overall care. Such institutions are dedicated to helping patients live a normal life despite their conditions through proper management.

  1. Importance of sleep

Sleep is a luxury for RA sufferers, especially during flare-ups. But sleep helps your body recuperate and can improve your overall well-being. Set a sleeping schedule and follow it to establish your body’s sleeping routine. Seek help from your doctor to get quality and better sleep.

  1. Anti-inflammatory diet

Sugar is known for causing inflammation in the body. Avoiding this in your daily diet, as well as stocking up on healthier foods, such as fruits and vegetables that help lower your body’s inflammation, is a must.

  1. Lifestyle change

Stress is more than just an emotional concern; it’s also a physical one. Learn to reduce or avoid stress, so you can manage your condition. RA-friendly workouts can also help you develop a fitter and more active lifestyle. So, get your exercise gear and keep moving.

  1. Speak up

Do not be afraid to speak up about your condition. Sometimes, being able to sit when you need to or just be given a time-off when your body is not cooperating can help you feel better. Be an advocate for your condition. Share your experiences and be an inspiration to others with a similar condition.

RA is a life-changing and debilitating condition, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be in control. These changes can help you gain control of your body and your life.

3 Considerations for choosing a Wheelchair Ramp

Person sitting on wheelchairMost people have trouble buying a wheelchair ramp because they do not know enough about them. Ascent Mobility says that they must be safe and durable enough for the needs of the disabled.

Here are three considerations to make when choosing a wheelchair ramp:

1. Traction

Whether riding by yourself or have someone pushing the wheelchair for you, proper traction is necessary for adequate footing and wheelchair braking. In that case, it is great to have aluminum tracks as they have non-slip grooved surfaces that sustain traction even in heavy rains. On the other hand, you can use a wooden ramp but it has to be properly cleaned to prevent debris from accumulating. They can also become slippery due to rains so you must be cautious. Alternatively, you can have it fitted with a non-slip surface to sustain traction.

2. Inclement Weather

Depending on your area, your wheelchair ramp may get a lot of exposure to rain and humidity, heavy snow and ice, and salty air. That means you should buy a ramp that can withstand environmental elements in your area. If this occurs, magnesium chloride is a simple and affordable solution.

3. Modular vs Portable

Do you have a friend or relative who comes to your house often and requires a ramp to your house? Chances are you do not need a ramp that is permanently in place as you will only be needing it once in a while. Instead, buy portable lightweight ramps. They are foldable, making them easy to store and move around.

When purchasing a wheelchair ramp, keep the weight capacity in mind. Exceeding its weight capacity may lead to accidents and ramp failures that may compromise your safety. While deciding on the weight, remember to add the weight of an extra person pushing the wheelchair.

Take these Steps and Improve the Quality of Your Rainwater

Rainwater in Salt Lake CityWater is a precious commodity in the world and rain supplies it in copious amounts. The article highlights the best way to ensure that your rainwater is suitable for human consumption and free of contaminants.

Many, including the EPA, view rainwater as a possible solution to the perennial water shortages in many areas of Salt Lake City. Copious and freely available, rainwater is free of contaminant, and with proper collection and storage is the best source of portable water.

However, modern day living has changed the prevailing environmental conditions by increasing the amount of pollutants in the air. Consequently, some measures are necessary to keep contaminants such as fecal matters, pesticides, leaves and sand from the rainwater.

Install filters

Gutter screens, filters, and flush devices are some of the screening mechanisms to keep contaminant out of your water collection and conveyance system and ultimately, out of the reservoir. Keeping the unwanted substrate out of the water system not only safeguards your health but also extends the life of your filtering system.

Despite using a state of the art filtration system, some unwanted substrate still finds its way into the storage tank. Nevertheless, should your reservoir contain too much sediment, you need to take corrective measures. By retaining the services of a notable rain gutter repair provider in Salt Lake City such as Double T. Inc, residents can improve their rainwater harvesting efforts.

Get an appropriate filtering system

Drawing water from the bottom of the reservoir increases the amount of sediment you consume. Opt to use a floating filter that draws water from the middle of the tank without disturbing the sediment. A multi-filter system such as the one that includes several filters gives the best results since each filter eliminates a different type of contaminant.

Choose your filters wisely

Cartridge filters are excellent choices since they arrange filters in series, from the largest to the smallest. The lower the microns on a screen, the higher the efficiency, cost, and time to complete the filtration process. Ideal rainwater filters comprise of 50, 20 and 5 microns filters.

With proper collection and filtration, you can harvest rainwater for domestic use and reduce your water bills.