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Why You Should Get a Tankless Water Heater

Water HeaterTaking a bath in the morning or in the evening can be such a pain when the water’s cold. Sure, it has its benefits, but a cold shower is not exactly something you look forward to when the weather’s freezing.

You can always heat the water we use to take a bath, and there are many water heaters available in the market. If you’re on the lookout for one now, you might consider getting a tankless water heater in Utah that packs a lot of advantages over the other types of heaters.

Before you head on out to your local store, take note that tankless water heaters are either electric or gas-powered. There is a debate going on as to which is better. Some are convinced that the electric type is cheaper to install while others swear by the gas heater. It will be up to you to decide which one will fit your needs and budget best.

Let’s take a look at some of its features and advantages:

Space Saver

Compared to a traditional water heater, the tankless water heater doesn’t need a lot of space in the bathroom as it is compactly designed. It is also very easy to install in tight places, or even outside the house. This is definitely a boon for homes with small bathrooms.

Better Design

Modern is the first word you can think of when you see a tankless water heater for the very first time. Its compact design easily blends in with most modern homes. It’s also easier to maintain because of its small size.

Better Efficiency

Tankless water heaters do their jobs more efficiently. They have more insulation options that reduce the risk of energy loss. They also provide warm water as you need it, saving precious energy rather than having a whole tank that is kept heated all the time. You can save more money as you pay less for water and electricity consumption.


It is estimated that a typical tankless water heater has a life expectancy of more than 20 years.

Never runs out of hot water

Since the water actually comes from the pipes and just goes through the tankless water heater, there’s always hot water whenever you need it. Large families will appreciate the endless supply of hot water even when everyone takes a bath one after another.

With these benefits that a tankless water heater has to offer, it should be an easier decision for you now to get one.

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair or Replacement

Water Heater in Salt Lake CityEvery home in Salt Lake City needs a reliable water heater. Some people, however, take the equipment for granted and the result can be costly and devastating.

Do you remember about your heater only when a puddle appears on the floor or the shower turns icy suddenly? A few observational skills may help you note any problem in good time. Then you have to get your water heater repaired before things get worse, says All Pro Appliance Service and Repair, Inc. Otherwise, you may have to replace the unit.

Noise Coming From Heater

Whining, banging and creaking noises of the heater is not normal. These noises are usually a sign of debris build-up in the tank. The debris may cover the heating element leading to an elevation of the noise during heating. What does it mean when even after you have flushed the tank, the noises continue? Check the burning element immediately. It could be burning out slowly and therefore needs a replacement.

Increased Energy Bills

When you realize the equipment is eating more power than it should, replacement may be your only option. Newer models are more energy efficient than older heaters. Heat enhancement in these devices is achieved using foam insulation. Moreover, the tanks come with glass liners to prevent corrosion. It is better to undergo a one-time cost than have to live with an inefficient water heater.

Temperature Inconsistencies

If your unit has heating problems, such as too hot water or too cold water, your first instinct is probably rushing to the thermostat and adjusting it. This may sometimes solve the problem, but if it does not, the thermostat could be faulty. Ask for water heater repair salt lake city for a complete diagnosis of temperature issue.

Whether you choose to replace or repair, your device will serve you better if you maintain and repair it in a timely manner. Watch out for signs of breakdown and have the issues fixed by a reliable water heater repairs provider.