The ABC of dentures

denture fitting
Dentures are a non-invasive, no fuss solution you can use to replace your teeth. You may be able to choose between full and partial dentures so that you can keep any healthy teeth that you have.

What else do you need to know about this practical dental solution? A dentist like Elmsleigh House Dental in Farnham will be able to give you all the information that you need. They can take you through the process that they use to ensure that your dentures work for you and give you back the function and lifestyle that you want.


Plenty of dental solutions requires an adjustment period to get used to them. Dentures are one of these. They may feel a little strange to you at first and that is perfectly normal. You adapt to having them in your mouth and learn to get the trick of using them just right. Some people choose to use a dental adhesive to help with this initially but, eventually, you should get along fine without it.

Your speech may be affected at first. You could need to speak a little more slowly. As you acclimatise, this will not be necessary. Overall, if you are going from few or no teeth to dentures, your speech should improve. Your teeth are an integral part of forming certain sounds and your dentures will give you back this functionality.


If you need to consider your budget carefully when choosing a dental treatment then dentures might be a really great option for you. They are one of the cheaper solutions for missing teeth replacement. There is support available through the NHS for dentures as well which makes them even more accessible.


Caring for your dentures is something you need to prepare for. You will need your normal dental hygiene equipment plus a denture cleaning solution for soaking. You also need to visit the dentist for routine monitoring so that they can keep an eye on the health of your gums. They will continue to check that your dentures are a good fit. Even if they are secure to begin with, your mouth will continue to change over time and so you may need further adjustments.