The Most Dangerous Types of Indoor Ants

carpenter ants

carpenter antsOne of the most dangerous indoor pests you can encounter is an ant. Ants live in colonies. Sighting one or two ants in your home, therefore, signifies the presence of thousands of ants you cannot see.

DIY solutions are ineffective in getting rid of these types of ants. It might even be very dangerous. The removal of these ants is best left to professional pest exterminators. According to, here are some of the most dangerous types of indoor ants.

Carpenter Ants

These ants live in colonies made of 10000-20000 ants and create their nests by excavating wooden pieces. You will often find carpenter ants in insulation, wall voids and wood furniture. These ants travel for up to 300 feet from their nests to scavenge for food. You should be wary of old firewood, tree stumps and dead trees around your home as these can harbor carpenter ants.

Pharaoh Ants

These ants are known for being cheeky and super annoying home invaders. They seek areas with warmth, especially during winter. Their nests are mostly found in well-concealed areas, especially in the kitchen. They are among the most difficult ants to get rid of as their brownish color makes them blend in with their environment.

Fire Ants

These ants are typically found outdoors especially in warm months but form nests indoors in cold months. You will find their nests under water heaters and bathrooms and other areas with warm moisture. These ants are very aggressive when disturbed and have a painful sting. The sting produced by fire ants can also cause a severe anaphylactic reaction in some people.

It might not be possible for anyone to identify all the dangerous types of ants. Nevertheless, it is wise to keep away from these insects. Call an exterminator to deal with serious infestations. This is very important to protect your home and health.