The Truth About Braces in Leeds

A girl smiling and pointing at her braces

A girl smiling and pointing at her bracesAnyone who has been lucky enough to have aligned teeth and jaws may not have an accurate impression of what braces are. For many of us, our only interaction with teeth straightening technology has been American movies from the 80s, where half the kids were seen sporting metal train tracks in an effort to get those perfectly straight Hollywood smiles.

The truth is braces aren’t just for kids. Adults can benefit too, and modern dentistry is finding new ways to help grown-ups to straighten teeth all the time. In Leeds, braces come in different forms. There are the traditional metal braces we all know about, though these days they are made of more lightweight materials and can be customised with coloured elastics. There are lingual braces that are also fixed metal ones but are fitted to the backs of the teeth and so can’t be seen. There are tooth-coloured cosmetic braces that blend into the teeth, clear aligners that are almost invisible and aligner bows that move the teeth in as little as six weeks. Any teeth straightening dentist in the area, such as Enhancedental, can talk patients through their options.

While it’s true that major jaw realignment work can’t be done after the age of 18 because the bones solidify at this age and so can’t be moved, the teeth do still move around in the jaw.

What type of brace is suitable for each patient can only be assessed by a dentist. These days, certain types of braces in Leeds can be fitted by a general dentist, rather than one who has been trained specifically in teeth straightening. This is because modern dental technology means that a lot of the work is done in the dental lab, through taking pinpoint accurate measurements with 3D scanners. These measurements are loaded into a software programme that creates a computerised treatment plan.

And certain other kinds of braces only do their work on the front six teeth, so it’s possible for a general dentist to train to oversee this level of realignment. It can often be cheaper, however, to see a teeth straightening dentist who offers this type of treatment all the time and so has no set up costs.