Top 3 Reasons Strength Training is the Best Training

Strength Training

Strength TrainingIt’s heavily overstated in almost all the fitness articles you’ve read, but the main reason people take the healthy route is because life is so much better when you’re fit. No more heaving deep breaths with a short trip upstairs. No more looking like a fat, out-of-place hippo when you’re in the beach. No more feeling sorry for yourself every time you look at the mirror. You want to get fit. That’s that.

Still not convinced? Here are the top reasons people go for strength training for their fitness regimen!


Did we mention it will make you healthier?

As we grow older, our skeletal muscles get reduced. This is called reverse sarcopenia. Strength training has been shown to reduce the effect of this condition. Other than that, you’ll also increase your bone strength, improve your heart, regulate your blood pressure and circulation, control cholesterol and improve your overall balance.

Look Good, Feel Good

Say goodbye to all those feelings of guilt you get whenever you look at that flabby tummy. Getting fit and staying fit can make you look good when you’re naked. See all those underwear models you fantasize about in the magazines? You can look that way, too!

Of course, when you look good, you’ll feel good, too! It’s the perfect workout for hardcore bodybuilders or even casual pedestrians.

It’s Fun!

Strength training is the best kind of training to have fun. If you want a quick 20-30 minute workout that will show results in as little as 8 weeks, it’s definitely for you! In fact, experts have done studies to find out who shouldn’t be doing strength training and the only people who shouldn’t do it are injured ones. Other than that, everyone can do it. That means being pregnant, elderly, too young or even paraplegic is not an excuse to not do this kind of training.

Try it out and see for yourself the benefits that strength training can have for you!