Tying the Knot: 3 Creative Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas

WeddingAre you having a hard time thinking of a great concept for your pre-wedding photography? Here are three creative ideas you would want to adapt.

The Scenic

Do you want to have a photo shoot and travel at the same time? Then, this theme is perfect for you.

You just have to pick out scenic and picturesque locations inside or outside the country.

Your choices will vary among well-known landmarks, beautiful sceneries, breathtaking beaches, or even in a simple nice place that played a significant part in your relationship.

Although the focus of this type of pre-wedding shoot is the location, it is still a must to wear the best outfit to complement your chosen background.

For instance, in a beach photo shoot, the bride-to-be may wear a long cream dress while the groom-to-be may wear a white button-down shirt and navy shorts.

The Rustic

A rustic-themed photo shoot is another creative way to have your pre-wedding photos taken. You may choose from various country styles like bohemian, vintage, or even western. A great example of a specific western style is shooting on a ranch.

You may pose near horses or share sweet moments around picturesque stables. Of course, if you choose this theme, you have to get on your best cowboy and cowgirl attires. You can go on an extra mile in topping off your outfit with men’s and women’s straw cowboy hats.

You can easily avail of these if you don’t have one. Your matching get-up will perfectly complement your rustic theme.

The Sentimental

Lastly, but definitely not the least, the sentimental theme is a sweet way to remember where and how your love story began. Do you still remember your first date? Your first trip out of town?

You can remake your old photos and sweet memories, wearing the same outfit or even better ones, to remember the “then and now” of your relationship. This is definitely a romantic way to reminisce and kindle that spark a flame.

There are more photo shoot ideas that you can choose from aside from these three. But whatever it is you’re going to pick, make sure you’ll choose the perfect location and complement it with your dazzling outfit to have remarkable pre-wedding photos.