Upgrade Your Look In a Minute and Be More Stunning

Glamorous Girl with Lip Gloss

Glamorous Girl with Lip GlossYou have been so busy, and you didn’t even notice you haven’t changed your look in ages! Trust us when we say that donning the same look, again and again, is boring. If you feel like your looks have become stagnant, it might be high time to change up.

There are minute makeovers that can help you. Also available online are some makeover tips that might take a longer time but fret not as trying each one will help you look more stunning than ever. Or regain that fading confidence.

Here, try our four simple beauty hacks that can change your look in a minute (or so).

Tip #1: Experiment with accessories

Instead of wearing a plain white T-shirt and jeans, why not try revamping your outfit with a fashionably cosy cashmere scarf wrap? Not only scarves will protect you from the autumn chill, but they also add elegance to a rather dull outfit. There are colourful designs online that you can order. Choose the hues that suit your style better.

If you are not so fond of scarves, you can always pick fashion accessories to go with what you wear. Try different styles of earrings. Know the latest trend and try if it looks good on you. Stop being plain and start using accessories to give your bland look a little colour.

Tip #2: Get yourself a lip gloss

If you want to look young and fresh, having a stick of lip gloss in your bag should do the job. Lip gloss gives your entire face a bit of colour when you cannot touch it up with lipstick. Even without a mirror, you can just swipe that handy gloss on your lips, and you’re ready to go.

Tip #3: Change your lipstick colour

Do you know that a simple task of turning your favourite nude shade to a darker hue can change your overall look? As darker shades are the current trend in wintry weather, why not make that trip to the nearest beauty shop and try on the latest colours? Even if you have a favourite shade of lipstick, swapping your favourite nudes for reds can change the way you look. Be bold enough to try other shades of pink, orange, or coral lipsticks.

Tip #4: Wear your hair differently

You might wear your hair in a ponytail all the time. Why not let your hair down for once and try parting your hair on the other side? Hair accessories work wonders, too. Or if you want to do the ultimate, you can always get a haircut that will flatter your shape face.

Contrary to what you might think before, these tips about changing up your look will not take you longer than a minute to do. Of course, the haircut may take longer, but the point is, investing a little of your time to change your hair would be one of the simplest ways you can do to make yourself look even better.

Now, try all these four tips and see a different you. Don’t forget to smile!