Walk-in Bathtub Features You Should Consider

Middle aged woman relaxing in a bath of bubbles

Middle aged woman relaxing in a bath of bubbles

Walk-in bathtubs are not like your traditional bathtubs. They possess features that make them easy, safe, and convenient for older adults and even those with disabilities to use. For other people, they provide an easier way to take a bath. Before you buy one, you should check on the following things for the walk-in tub of your choice.

1. Convenience and Privacy

For people with mobility issues, walk-in bathtubs will enable them to take a bath without requiring assistance. As such, the bath should have storage compartments that hold everything within reach such that you do not have to stand to get anything. 

These features are for an ideal portable tub that makes a healthy alternative for people with mobility issues. It gives people privacy, as they no longer need assistance to take a bath. 

2. Safety

Another attribute that makes a good walk-in tub is its safety features. For instance, these tubs come with well-built handrails that offer support, well-textured pad to ensure that they cannot slide when seated and adjustable seats. Other safety features that you should consider are a preset thermostat, emergency drains, and anti-slip floors.

3. Design and Shape

Pay special attention to the door design, the size, and the shape of the tub. The shape and size of the door affect the ease of access, storage, and the general appearance of the bathtub. Look for door designs that provide enough room for a person to get in and out. Choose a tub with a door that you can easily open from the outside as well. 

The next time you want to renovate your bathroom, choose a bathtub that is convenient, easy to use, and suits your needs.