Website Redesign: 3 Tips for Avoiding the Negative SEO Impact

A website being designedWhile redesigning your website is supposed to improve the user experience for your visitors, it can be detrimental to your search engine ranking. But this does not have to be the case as long as you take all the necessary steps when transitioning from the old to the new website. It all depends on how well you alert the search engines of the changes that you make on your domain, URLs, and structure. Experts on SEO services in Minneapolis share three valuable tips on how you can avoid SEO damages during a website redesign.

Redirect the old pages to the pages on the new site

In case a website redesign means that you have to make changes to the pages’ URLs, it is vital that you use 301 redirects to link the old pages to the new and similar pages. This will help inform the search engines that the information in both pages is similar and that they should give them a similar ranking. However, avoid making general redirects to the homepage, as this will annoy both the search engines and the site visitors and end up hurting your rank.

Design a friendly error 404 page

Although you might have redirected your visitors to the new pages, it is still possible to have errors such as link breaks along the way. Error 404 pages can be quite helpful in monitoring such errors and ensuring that your visitors are taken care of. Just be sure to create engaging and friendly error 404 pages to help the users find whatever they are looking for.

Deal with metadata descriptions carefully

When moving the pages to the new site, make sure that they have inviting metadata descriptions to maintain and even improve your ranking through enhanced click-through-rates. In case your old site had great descriptions, you can retain these on your new site.

Redesigning your website should not mean having to lose your ranking. In fact, you should utilize this opportunity even to improve it. Follow the above tips and get to prevent the detrimental SEO effects of a website redesign.