Why Soft Water is Better than Hard Water

A couple drinking waterThe water you use depends on the place where you live. If you happen to live near streams, forests, or mountains, you might be using a well that uses hard water as its main source. Hard water is natural, untouched water. This water is good to drink since it contains important minerals like calcium and magnesium. Most people dislike drinking this kind of water because of the high mineral content which gives it a slight metallic smell.

In many places such as Ogden in Utah, residents are using equipment to remove the excessive minerals in hard water. This equipment turns it into soft water, which is more gentle and contains fewer minerals than hard water.

Benefits from Soft Water

Soft water is better than hard water in more ways than one. Soft water flowing through your pipes prevents the buildup of minerals that may clog them.

Compared to hard water, using soft water to wash your hair keeps your hair clean and preserves its natural shine. Soft water is good for the skin too since it keeps your skin from drying and feeling sticky. Your precious clothes might get ruined if you wash it using hard water but not so when you use soft water.

Getting Soft Water

So how exactly do you get soft water? You can use an ion exchange unit to turn hard water into soft water. There is also the salt-based ion exchange softener which uses two tanks. One tank contains special resin beads while the other contains brine. You may also choose to use a salt-free water softener.

Water is vital, but though the planet has much of it, humans could only use and drink a certain percentage. Make sure that the water you use is safe and potable with an ion exchange unit.