Your Guide to Choosing the Right Jewelry for Your Outfit

Woman Wearing Jewelry

Woman Wearing JewelryAccessories such as handbags, scarves, belts, watches, hats, eyewear, and jewelry pieces can be extremely powerful when completing a look. They complete an outfit by accentuating certain features and adding that little extra to make a strong style statement.

The key to using accessories to improve your style is knowing what pieces to match a certain outfit. Jewelry, for example, should be worn sparingly unless the outfit really calls for it. Here are some guidelines when choosing jewelry to match a certain look:

  • Keep it chic and balanced – Although loading up on jewelry can be exciting, balancing will go a long way. The goal is to accentuate, not to overpower. For example, if you decide to wear an armful of bangles, better keep your necklace and earings simple.
  • Adjust according to your outfit – When the clothes you’re wearing already provide a lot of detail, such as when wearing animal print, tone down your jewelry. A simple shirt can go well with a statement necklace, but with a ruffled and printed blouse, not so much.
  • Layer them up – There are many ways to wear necklaces. Abandon the idea that you can only wear one. Wear a mix of necklaces with varied sizes and shapes, to make your simple outfit look more festive.
  • Go solo with a bib or choker – Forego any other item of jewelry when wearing a bib or a choker and let it be your statement piece.
  • Go long for long dresses – Long and draping necklaces are best worn with long frocks. They will elongate your figure, draw attention to your curves, and give an illusion of a slimmer body.
  • Diamonds are literally forever – Studs are perfect if you want to add a little bit of glitz to your outfit without drawing too much attention or without having to change accessories every day. Christensen Jewelers says diamonds are the best candidate for this because they are glittery, stylish, and versatile. they go with everything.

Wearing jewelry is one of the best ways to live stylishly. Take care of them properly to keep them for a long time. Clothing styles may change, but jewelry pieces will stay relevant forever. Understand and apply basic jewelry care and have the number of the most reliable jewelry repair store in the ready, one that can restore your engagement rings, statement necklaces, and valuable earrings to their original state.

Diamonds may be forever, but only if you help preserve them.